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How to Equip Your Organization in the Age of Flexibility

Live Air Date: May 19th, 2021

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In thinking about a post-pandemic world, McKinsey recently noted, “Yet even as leaders take action to re-energize their people and organizations, the most forward looking see a larger opportunity—the chance to build on pandemic-related accomplishments and reexamine (or even reimagine) the organization’s identity, how it works, and how it grows.”

Even as HR teams begin to consider the implications of a “new normal,” employees expect that employers will bring greater levels of flexibility into the future.

Our group of HR leaders will cover:

  • How heightened connectivity, unprecedented automation, and shifting demographics will impact the workforce of the future
  • Ways to build flexibility into employee hours, schedules, office usage, and locations
  • Ideas around giving employees more flexibility to learn, grow, and develop in their current roles
  • Tips for balancing employee preferences for flexibility with an organization’s ability to stay connected
  • Tools to keep employees productive in flexible environments 

Learn from these experts

Scott Jennings

Director of Industry Strategy

Kate Grimaldi

Director of Strategic Talent Management & HR

John Nicholson

Sr. Director, Client Operations
KNA Solutions

Kate Holsapple

VP, People Operations

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