Automate the repetitive HR work in your employee onboarding, to spend less time on tedious tasks and more time delivering a great employee experience.

How we partner with Sora

Initiate background checks

Sora users can automatically initiate, see and monitor the status of Checkr background checks at exactly the right time, which is great for making sure folks are all ready before their start date.

Integrated into your onboarding

Get background checks from Checkr, then automatically follow up with emails, Slack messages, task assignments, and more in Sora.

Deliver great onboarding

Give your new hires the experience they deserve by onboarding with Sora and Checkr.

Partner with Checkr

Are you an ATS, HR or Onboarding system, or other industry-specific solution? Let’s work together. We help companies like yours open new revenue channels and reach new customers with the only AI-led background screening platform.