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with zero infractions found during external audit



in profit due to improved candidate experience



in time spent on background checks

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Automate manual processes

Our tools handle repetitive tasks so your team can focus on recruiting.

Make onboarding easier
Checkr’s platform integrates with your ATS, or HRIS of choice.

Customize your criteria
Set filters so you only review candidates you care about.

Spend up to 5X less time on admin tasks 
Instant status updates, so you can focus on more strategic goals.

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Create a better experience

Build strong relationships from initial contact and convert more candidates.

Mobile optimized
Candidates can complete background checks from their mobile.

Responsive support
Our applicant support team provides help across the entire process.

Centralized candidate portal
Candidates have one-stop access to updates related to the process.

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Scale to win

Our platform leverages AI and Machine-learning so you find quality candidates faster.

Keep up with seasonal spikes
We keep turnaround times consistent so you find talent at scale.

Increase your candidate pool by 30+%
Review records by roles and clear candidates automatically.

Automate manual processes
We use AI to automate the processes that slow down hiring.

Maintain compliance and your mitigate risk

We protect your interests along with the rights for your candidates.


Raise confidence

Checkr uses AI to classify records into targeted categories, maintaining consistency and reducing bias in your hiring.


Increase Accuracy

Keep up with changing laws and regulations with our educational resources and best practices.

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Streamline adverse action

Checkr helps you stay compliant and consistent during the entire adverse action process.


Build consistency

Our platform enables you to stay fair and consistent across roles, location, and industry.

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Eliminate error

Checkr eliminates human error and bias by automating processes including disclosures and authorization, adverse action, and adjudication.


Stay up to date

Our platform is designed with your compliance in mind, and we provide the most up-to-date information as new laws go into effect.

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