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Why education verification background checks are important

Hire qualified candidates

Certain positions require a formal education or degree; confirm your candidate’s knowledge, skills and ability.

Identify any discrepancies

Certain positions require a formal education or degree; confirm your candidate’s knowledge, skills and ability.

Mitigate risk to your business

Education verification mitigates the risk of hiring a candidate with false education credentials and protects against liability claims.

What you’ll learn from education verification

Checkr helps with education verification at high schools, universities, colleges, and vocational schools.

Enrollment and attendance

Verify your candidate’s enrollment history and dates of attendance.

Degree obtained

Validate the type of degree, such as a Bachelor's degree, and major completion status.

Graduation date

Confirm the graduation date provided by your candidate is accurate.

“Checkr has enabled us to improve the overall experience”

“We need minimal manual intervention and as much self-service as possible. Checkr has enabled us to improve the overall experience for all the new hires by automating a manual process.
Brad Talwar, Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Checkr’s education verification solutions

With Checkr, education verification is no longer a roadblock to fast hiring. We streamline the process to save you time so you can quickly get the assurance you need that your candidates have the education background they claim. Plus, our mobile-friendly candidate portal makes a complex process easy for your candidates to complete.

US education verification

Checkr can verify the highest degree obtained from high school and GED equivalents through doctorates. Generally, the education verification search will cover a person’s entire academic history up to their highest degree.

International education verification

Verify a candidate’s international education credentials of any educational level such as high school, college and post-grad at institutions in 200+ countries. May be used to confirm degree received, course of study, and dates of attendance.

Professional license verification

Some industries and occupations require both specific training as well as an active license. A professional license verification check confirms your candidates’ licenses and certifications are active and in good standing. Learn more.

Let Checkr conduct education verification checks for you.

Explore more screenings with Checkr

Employment verification

Verify your candidate’s work history to confirm important details provided on a resume or application are accurate.

Professional license verification

Quickly confirm your candidate’s professional licenses and certifications are active and in good standing.

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