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A faster way to verify employment history

In addition to traditional manual employment verifications, Checkr’s quick verification option allows candidates to connect to their payroll provider during the screening process. Candidates can enter multiple previous employers, depending on your requirements, instantly verifying their work history and saving you valuable time and money.

Improved turnaround time

Traditional employment verifications can take up to 10 days to complete. Quick verifications complete in <90 seconds.

No pass-through fees

No costly pass-through fees as you bypass third party verification and document review exceptions.

100% verified data

Automation and data integration remove the risk of fraudulent documents and human error.

Why employment verification checks are important

Get additional insight into your candidate’s work history. An employment verification background check helps you:

Hire qualified candidates

Make informed decisions and feel confident you’re hiring skilled, experienced candidates.

Verify previous positions held

Confirm the information provided by your candidate is true, and identify any employment gaps.

Mitigate risk to your business

Hiring a candidate with false credentials could pose a risk to your company’s reputation, or worse.

What you’ll learn from employment history checks

Employment history checks confirm important details provided on a resume or application are accurate, such as:

Position or title

Get more insight into your candidate’s level of experience by verifying their position.

Dates of employment

Check the length of employment and accuracy of each positions’ start and end dates.

Employment status

In some cases, learn whether the position was full-time or part-time.

"Our team has more time back in their days"

“As a result of bringing Checkr on board, our team has more time back in their days to focus on candidate retention programs, improving the onboarding experience, and the candidate onboarding process.”
Jackie McKewon
HR Generalist at DeployHR
“The candidate experience has always been strong, smooth and quick especially for those that have access to a smartphone. It’s a seamless experience.”
Sarah Hayden
Director of Risk Management at PrideStaff

Checkr’s employment verification solutions

Whether you need to check one candidate’s work history, or hundreds, Checkr helps you scale your screening process and reduce administrative burden. We combine a simplified candidate workflow with advanced technology and a team of experts to provide timely, accurate employment verification checks.

US employment verification

Verify a candidate’s employment history located in the US. Reports include dates of employment, title(s) held, employment gaps, and salary when available.

International employment verification

For candidates with international work experience, verify employment history located in any of 200+ countries. Reports include dates of employment, title(s) held, and employment gaps.

Reference checks

Save hours of administrative work by allowing Checkr to conduct professional reference checks on your company’s behalf. Choose from an industry standardized or custom question set. Learn more.

Looking for employment history checks?

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