AI in Action: How Technology Is Revolutionizing Hospitality Hiring

Karen Axelton
July 02, 2024
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Seeking to streamline your hiring process? Savvy hospitality employers are using AI-powered solutions to handle everything from job descriptions to candidate communications. Here’s how AI tools can help you hire faster, too.

When hiring hospitality employees, time is of the essence. Strategically using AI tools can accelerate the hiring process and give hospitality talent acquisition (TA) teams a competitive edge. In fact, more than half (53%) of hospitality HR professionals currently use AI for recruiting, according to a recent Hireology survey.

Leading hospitality employers are turning to AI solutions to: 

  • Automate repetitive manual work 
  • Identify qualified candidates
  • Enhance engagement

…all faster than ever before. Here are four essential recruitment tasks that AI can help your TA team handle more efficiently.

Craft compelling job descriptions

 What’s the best way to use AI in hiring? About one-third of HR professionals say it’s writing job descriptions, Hireology found. While a basic ChatGPT tool can be a starting point for experimentation, you’ll generally get better results by using the recruitment-specific AI writing tools included in many ATS solutions. In addition to job descriptions, you can use AI to write advertisements, social media posts, website copy, emails, and other content promoting your option positions.

Bias is a concern with AI, but the technology can also be used to fight bias and encourage fair hiring. For example, AI can review job descriptions and postings for unintentional bias or words that may dissuade certain candidates from applying. This can expand your hiring pool, helping you hire faster. You can also minimize bias by using AI tools to write interview questions tailored for specific roles, and using the same questions for every candidate so they are all evaluated on the same criteria.

Other candidate communications can also be completed more efficiently by AI, like:

  • Offer letters
  • Benefits information
  • Onboarding documents
  • Welcome emails

Just be sure documents are reviewed by your HR team and legal counsel to ensure compliance with your company policies and relevant laws and regulations.

Speed hospitality hiring with modern screening technology

Automatically classify & filter information

Keeping track of candidates is a common TA pain point, particularly for large hospitality employers hiring at scale. Modern ATS/HRIS solutions can minimize these headaches by using AI to sort, organize, and filter candidate data. Hospitality TA teams are eagerly embracing this capability. Some 18% of hospitality HR professionals believe AI can be most valuable in identifying top candidates, while 16% say AI’s best use is vetting candidates. 

By classifying and filtering data in a fraction of the time it takes to do so manually, AI-powered solutions can rapidly eliminate candidates who don’t meet your minimum criteria for a role, and surface those who do.  

What’s more, AI can sort and filter candidates in a more nuanced way than traditional solutions. Many TA tools simply search for keywords, which can unintentionally eliminate qualified candidates from consideration. AI solutions can perform more detailed analysis of resumes and job applications, pulling out relevant information and uncovering candidates you may have overlooked.

Simplify candidate tracking even more by choosing AI-powered solutions that integrate every aspect of hiring into a single, intuitive dashboard. Sharing data across multiple applications means you don’t have to keep re-inputting information, reducing the risk of human error and saving TA teams time.

Keep candidates engaged

The best hospitality candidates may have plenty of employment options. If they don’t get a fast response to their questions or feel that their job application disappeared into a black hole, they’re likely to move on to another job offer. Automating candidate communications with AI-powered HR solutions helps keep candidates in the loop about the status of their job application, background check, scheduled interviews, and more.

If you're an applicant and you're excited about a job opportunity and you're interfacing with a platform that feels like it might as well be running on a dial-up modem, that can be a little bit off-putting, and cause concern for an applicant—especially when you're looking at a younger generation.
Daniel Blaser
Head of Brand, Workstream

Automated communications can help build your employer brand and personalize interactions with candidates, too. For instance, AI-powered tools can use the candidate’s preferred communication channel, such as text, email, or phone, to send messages customized to the candidate. Consider using chatbots on your website’s career page to answer questions about open positions or implementing AI tools to schedule interviews.

Rapid answers and status updates not only keep candidates engaged, but also help speed them through the funnel. For example, AI solutions can automatically detect errors or missing information in job applications or background check forms, then nudge the candidate to correct the issue or complete the next step required to move on. Tech-forward background check solutions, like Checkr, build in this AI-powered error detection and notification flow into their platform and ATS integrations—so there’s no need to add a separate tool to your stack.

AI-powered candidate communications offer benefits on the HR side, tool. By lessening repetitive manual work for TA teams, AI gives them more time to spend on higher-value tasks.

Unblock background check bottlenecks with AI-powered tech

Complete smarter, faster background checks

Background checks are essential for most hospitality roles but may present speedbumps on the road to hiring if your screening provider is using outdated, manual processes to complete checks. To prevent background check delays that can cost you qualified candidates, look for a provider that incorporates AI-powered tools and solutions.  

AI technology can streamline background checks in several ways, including: 

  • Automating data retrieval and report creation for faster background check results
  • Automating mobile notifications and follow-up candidate communications to keep screenings moving quickly
  • Detecting errors in background check forms that might slow down screenings
  • Using customizable adjudication filters to sort report information based on company policy and regional compliance regulations, showing only information that adjudicators should consider

Of course, human involvement is essential throughout the background check process, especially for sensitive steps such as adjudication or individualized assessments. However, offloading tedious tasks to AI tools can help TA teams accomplish more in less time, so they can focus on those elements of hiring that only humans can handle.

Supercharge your hospitality hiring with Checkr

Competition for top hospitality talent is fierce. Give yourself a strategic advantage by leveraging Checkr’s AI technology and modern, optimized screening tools. Incorporating AI-powered solutions into your hiring workflow enables you to quickly identify qualified candidates, keep them engaged, and minimize delays that can hinder hiring.

Checkr’s advanced, scalable screening technology means faster turnaround times, while our automations streamline candidate communications and adjudication. With more than 100 ATS integrations and an easy-to-use dashboard, Checkr powers faster workflows, even during high-volume hiring. Choose Checkr as your background check partner and you’ll soon be onboarding high-quality hospitality candidates in record time.

Hire top hospitality talent faster than competitors with Checkr


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