Checkr Forward 2021 | Progress Track

Data-Driven Decision Making: Research for Inclusive Hiring

Watch the Checkr Forward 2021 Progress Track session featuring research from Harvard, MIT, and Rutgers.

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Fear, myths, old anecdotes, and unconscious biases can drive employers' hiring decisions, ultimately perpetuating or exacerbating existing inequities and potentially creating unnecessary community risk. In this session, we will examine how employers can use data to challenge these old assumptions, make informed decisions, and consider the human impact of policies that categorically disqualify people from work.

We’ll also share insights from the “Work of the Future” initiative, a collaboration between Checkr and scholars from MIT, Harvard, and Rutgers. This initiative will partner with Checkr customers to enhance fair chance hiring without increasing risk by connecting background check results with future success metrics on their platforms.

Learn from these experts

Amanda Agan

Assistant Professor
Rutgers University

Emma Rackstraw

Corporate Social Responsibility Program Manager

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