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Hiring for Culture "Add" Instead of Culture "Fit"

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Have you ever heard a teammate say, or even said yourself, “this candidate is a bad culture fit”? In some cases, the candidate might not share the values and standards of your team.  However, this statement can also be used to discriminate against candidates who don’t look like, think like, or act like the rest of the team.

According to a recent article from The Enterprisers Project, “Culture fit preserves comfort and familiarity, while culture ‘add’ looks for people who value an organization’s standards and culture, but also bring something different that positively contributes to your company. The hiring question then shifts from “What is this person lacking?” to “What can this person bring to the table?”  Culture fit mindset seeks to hire and retain more of what is already working. Culture ‘add’ focuses on gaining valuable elements that your culture lacks.”

Watch us for a 20-minute keynote from Jackye Clayton, a DEI Strategist and Co-Host of the Inclusive AF Podcast, on best practices for hiring inclusively.  Following the keynote, we will dive into a panel discussion. Our panel of experts will talk through:

  • How to structure hiring processes to value diverse perspectives in candidates
  • Ways to combat unintended biases in hiring teams
  • Ideas on how to effectively convey cultural norms in the interview process
  • Tips for implementing interview structures to focus on hiring for culture add

Learn from these experts

Arthur Yamamoto

SVP, People and Talent

Jackye Clayton

DEI Strategist and Co-Host, Inclusive AF Podcast

Taryn Ching

Director of People Experience

Ashlee Cloud

Senior People Operations & Talent Acquisition Consultant

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