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Upgrading the Employee Onboarding Experience

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Once an individual has been hired, the hard work is done, right? Not quite.  In fact, poor onboarding leads to new hires being 2x more likely to seek another opportunity, with 43% of managers losing their new hire during the first month. When it costs 1.5 - 2x an employee's annual salary to replace that new hire, it's not worth the risk to let the ball drop when it comes to onboarding. New employees form impressions of their new environment, team, and culture right away. When onboarding is disorganized, ineffective or non-existent, new hires lack foundational knowledge and necessary orientation.

That’s why an intentional and well planned employee onboarding experience is so crucial for every organization. Employee onboarding is the process that takes a new hire from signing an offer letter all the way through to being a value-adding member of the team. When employee onboarding is done well, new hires feel supported, connected to their team and the broader business, and have clear expectations. When onboarding is done haphazardly and piecemeal, you'll struggle to retain the top talent you fought so hard to find.

Join Checkr, Enboarder, and Namely as we talk through how to upgrade the employee onboarding experience. Our panel of experts will cover:

  • How to craft meaningful milestones for your new hires including how to structure the first day, week, and month.
  • 4 Cs of onboarding - A research-based framework for onboarding success.
  • The key differences between virtual, hybrid and in-person onboarding - and how to nail all three.
  • How to instill a sense of belonging and connection - especially in remote environments!
  • How to engage and empower the hiring manager (they are your secret weapon!)

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Sources: Super CIO, Yahoo Finance, and Gallup.

Learn from these experts

Laura Lee Gentry

Head of People

Laura Lee Gentry is the Chief People Officer at Enboarder, headquartered in Austin, Texas. At Enboarder, Laura Lee is responsible for Talent Acquisition and Onboarding, Total Rewards, Talent Management, Leadership Development, Internal Communications and Employer Branding.  With Laura Lee’s unique combination of business, operational and Human Resources experience, she focuses on helping companies to scale rapidly while deepening and enhancing their culture.  Prior to Enboarder, Laura Lee was Chief People Officer at Applied Systems and SVP of Employee Experience at UKG.  She received her BBA in Finance at the University of Georgia and her MBA in International Finance and Strategy at the London Business School.   Laura Lee resides in Atlanta, Georgia.

Chris Johnson

Director of Industry Strategy

As Checkr’s staffing and HR Outsourcing expert, Chris Johnson helps inform the development of Checkr’s vision for aligning with the needs of the staffing industry. With over 20 years of SaaS, HR Tech, and program leadership he is dedicated to redefining the way companies think about hiring by providing new perspectives on traditional processes like the background check. Chris has a passion for pushing the envelope and driving transformation in the enterprise. He formerly worked at Adecco, IBM, and Accenture and currently resides in Jacksonville, Florida.

Amy Roy

Chief People Officer

Amy Roy is the Chief People Officer at Namely, headquartered in New York City. She currently oversees the People function at Namely, where she is responsible for talent acquisition, employee retention, and growth and development. With over 20 years of HR industry experience, she brings valuable insight to help drive Namely’s organizational growth and product evolution. Prior to joining Namely, Amy held roles in Human Resources and Sales leadership. Amy earned her BA in Political Science and MA in HR Management from Rutgers University. She is also a certified Six-Sigma blackbelt and a member of the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM).

Alexandria Genetti

Head of People

Alex is the Head of People at Enable, headquartered in San Francisco, with offices in Toronto, the UK and soon to be Sydney. At Enable, Alex is responsible for all aspects of Human Resources, including Payroll and Benefits, Onboarding and Offboarding, Compliance, Team Development, Employee Engagement, and Retention, ultimately leading and maintaining a happy, high-performing culture. Prior to Enable, Alex led People Operations at Two Chairs, ScoutRFP (Acquired by Workday in 2019, WDAY) and Livongo Health (TDOC). Her Bachelor’s degree is from the University of the Pacific in Stockton, CA. She now lives in Lodi, CA after spending almost 10 years in San Francisco.

Jen Quirk

Regional Marketing Manager

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