A New Standard in Compliant Hiring

When you're racing to meet hiring goals, keeping up with the ever-evolving landscape of compliance regulations can be a huge challenge. That's why we build tools that make it easier and faster to run background checks according to the most current and detailed regulatory standards. Powered by artificial intelligence, our Compliance Engine surfaces only relevant, legally reportable records in your background check reports. This helps you get safer, more accurate data all while reducing compliance risk.

  • Compliant hiring at greater speed and scale
  • Reports free of obsolete or unreportable data
  • Tuned to the most current regulations

How the Compliance Engine Helps You Hire

Safer, Faster Reporting

Our platform considers charge information, candidate profile, and job details to improve your compliance and speed up the hiring process.

Better Candidate Experience

More accurate reports mean a faster and fairer evaluation process as well as fewer disputes, which can be stressful and time consuming for all.

Keeping You Up to Date

We continuously update our Compliance Engine and charge classifications based on insights from legal experts and attorneys who actively monitor pending compliance legislation.


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Learn More About Checkr's Technology

Machine learning models and algorithms make our background check platform smarter and faster with every check we run, saving you time and providing you safer, more accurate data.

The right data can help you keep your workplace and customers safer. Keep tabs on new charges connected to your candidates and employees.

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