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Smarter Insights Equals Faster Hires

Checkr Analytics helps you keep the hiring engine running. Diagnose background check slowdowns. Get ahead of new ones. All while maintaining a consistent process that mitigates risk.

Data designed for every user in mind

Operations can fine-tune their process

See where background check processes can improve. Using our dashboard, operations can see the real reasons behind hiring hurdles. And with better understanding comes better hiring processes.

HR can diagnose their hiring health

Background checks should enhance—not detract from—a candidate’s hiring experience. Checkr Analytics helps make sure that HR teams can accomplish their goals. Roles are filled on time. Your company is fostering diversity & inclusion. And your employer brand stays strong.

Compliance can ensure safety

It’s critical to keep your workers, customers, and brand safe. Checkr Analytics helps your compliance teams apply the same safety standard across the background check process. Rest easy knowing your background checks get adjudicated consistently.

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Pinpoint a potential issue before it becomes one

With Checkr Analytics, you can act—not just react. If there’s an unexpected slowdown in a background check, you’ll know why. Did the candidate submit their information? Which court closures are causing delays? Our insights let you proactively get ahead of the problem.

Turnaround Time

Be a trusted partner

Checkr Analytics helps you have thoughtful conversations with colleagues that unlock new insights for them—and quantifies the impact for you. See the number of hours your background checks took on average, explain where a slowdown has occurred, and more.

Adverse Action

Reduce risk and eliminate bias

We all know it’s important to keep adjudication consistent. Checkr Analytics lets compliance teams monitor consistency on a daily basis by keeping an eye on your team’s adjudication decisions. So you’ll always know in real-time whether hiring decisions are fair and consistent.

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Every company has different needs. Our platform foundation is at the core of every innovation we offer to bring you greater speed, scale, and flexibility.

Workflow Automation

Reduce manual work while achieving more with fewer resources. Scale capacity without scaling your team.

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