Unleashing Potential: How Checkr Helped Moxion Build a Diverse and Inclusive Workforce

Company Overview

Moxion is a vertically integrated manufacturer of all-electric mobile power and energy storage solutions. They have developed commercial-scale, powerful, silent, and emissions-free mobile battery stations, that are designed to replace traditional diesel generators in most applications today.




200 - 500 employees

Key Results

32hr average TAT on criminal checks

Products Used

The Moxion - Checkr Story

Moxion, a vertically integrated manufacturer of mobile battery solutions, offers alternatives to diesel generators for temporary power needs. As Moxion expands its operations through the addition of new factories and an increase in the number of employees, the company remains committed to making a positive impact on the communities in which it operates. 

To achieve this, Collette Zaro, Vice President of People, is focused on fair-chance hiring and providing opportunities for individuals with diverse backgrounds.

As one of the early employees at Moxion, Collette joined when there was no background check solution in place, so she quickly onboarded Checkr. “Checkr was the vendor of choice for us for background checks to help us make sure we knew who we were hiring, and also to help us have a really thorough hiring process,” said Collette, “Checkr was a pretty obvious choice for us, both from a philosophy standpoint and really focused on fair-chance hiring.”

When assessing Checkr, Collette focused on three key criteria. First, the ability to conduct thorough evaluations of each background check and seamlessly integrate the chosen solution with their applicant tracking system, Lever. Second, she sought a partner that aligned with their fair-chance hiring philosophy and allowed candidates to share their personal stories. Lastly, they required a scalable solution that could maintain consistent turnaround times even as background check volume increased.

After switching to Checkr, Collette found that it integrated seamlessly with Lever. Lever automatically transmits candidate information to Checkr, eliminating the need for manual data entry and saving the HR team significant time. This allows Collette's team to easily initiate background checks from Checkr. 

Using Checkr's candidate stories feature, Collette and her team are able to engage in a more interactive process that helps them truly comprehend an individual's background and perspective. “We want to make sure that we’re giving people a second chance and opportunity to share their story,” said Collette, “Candidate Stories enables us to actually request further details and allow the candidate to tell us what happened.”

Regarding the candidate experience, I believe candidates have truly appreciated the chance to share their stories. For those with something in their background check, it can be a stressful process, wondering if they will lose this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity due to a record issue. Candidates are grateful for the opportunity to share their stories and explain what happened, regardless of whether we decide to move forward or not.
Collette Zaro
Vice President of People, Moxion

Checkr has proven its scalability with Moxion. They brought Checkr on at an early stage, with a goal of onboarding new candidates within five days. Even as Moxion's volume has increased, they've been able to consistently meet this metric. "Checkr helps significantly reduce our time to fill and time to onboard new hires,” said Collette, “We can quickly clear background checks, and our managers genuinely appreciate this efficiency."

By partnering with Checkr, Moxion has been able to streamline their background check process, reduce turnaround time, and create a positive candidate experience. With Checkr's user-friendly platform and seamless integration, Moxion can confidently make informed hiring decisions.

My experience with the Checkr team has been excellent since the initial sales contact. That great first impression certainly drew me in. Throughout implementation and setup, everything has been easy and user-friendly. The customer support and client service teams have been responsive and helpful, always ready to answer our questions.
Collette Zaro
Vice President of People, Moxion

Moxion's Favorite Features

  • Candidate Stories: Ability to request candidate stories, allowing for a more interactive and holistic understanding of candidates
  • Integration: Seamless integration with Lever, Moxion's ATS, saving time and eliminating the need for manual data entry
  • Easy to Use: Clear and simple user interface, making it easy for the HR team to navigate and run background checks
  • Adjudication Matrix: Easy to customize, allowing Moxion to set their preferences and focus on the most relevant information

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