Easily Run Background Checks in GoCo

Use Checkr in GoCo to simplify the background check process, reduce manual tasks, and spend more time focused on people.

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For more details on how to set up Checkr in GoCo or how to run your first check, visit our user guide.

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More Efficient Hiring

GoCo and Checkr together offer an integrated background check process within the hiring workflow for seamless and efficient onboarding. 

Speed up the hiring process by instantly ordering Checkr background checks from GoCo.

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Streamlined background checks

Eliminate manual, paper-based HR tasks by using GoCo to run HR in a single, easy-to-use solution. Fully integrated with Checkr to bring all your HR tasks into one place.

Hire better people faster

GoCo brings all your HR processes to life, and gives you the flexibility to customize your workflows for any HR task.

Move your business forward

Enjoy the peace of mind of GoCo’s centralized record keeping and Checkr’s fair hiring tools.

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Integrate Checkr with GoCo for:

  • Streamlined Ordering:  Order background checks without leaving GoCo
  • Pre-Filled Data:  Reduce data entry by pre-populating the invitation for the candidate
  • Real-Time Status Updates:  Gain visibility into the hiring process with data synchronization
  • Mobile-Optimized Experience: Candidates can use their preferred device to complete the background check process

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We’ve built the easiest background check toolset to make hiring faster, more accurate, and lower risk.

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