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Find New Criminal Records with Continuous Crim

From the moment a background check completes, a gap in information about your candidates’ records begins to form. Even if you re-run checks annually, you still lack visibility into candidate behavior between checks. Continuous Crim runs in the background and notifies you of reportable changes to your active workforce’s criminal records in real time.

Continuous Crim keeps companies and customers safe

High-quality criminal data

Continuous Check is a subscription service that keeps you up to date on your active workforce, surfacing any new, reportable criminal records.

Proprietary data network

We gather proprietary data from key sources—including millions of background checks run through our system—to give you real-time updates on new criminal charges in your workforce.

Protecting your brand’s reputation

Bad publicity can devastate a company’s trust, safety, and brand. Continuous monitoring keeps you in the know about your workforce so you can make smarter, safer hiring decisions.


Creating a New Standard of Safety in the Ridesharing Industry and Beyond


New Data From the Checkr Platform Examines Trends in Criminal Convictions

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Increase visibility with continuous criminal checks

Background checks are critical to gaining an understanding of your risk before hiring a candidate, but once a background check is complete, the results remain static and soon become outdated.

Continuous Check is a subscription service that surfaces changes in your candidates’ report status in real time, utilizing sources such as county criminal search data, arrest record data, and Checkr’s proprietary data. This, in turn, allows you to minimize risk and protect your brand.

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Re-evaluating how we understand risk

According to data from the Checkr platform, recent behavior is far more reflective of current risk than past behavior. The data shows that the rate of actionable criminal information appearing on a background report drops significantly over time. The longer ago a crime occurred on a person’s background, the less likely they are to commit new crimes.

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Featured Solution

Continuous monitoring for MVRs

Checkr continually monitors your drivers’ records for violations to help keep your customers safe. With Continuous MVR, demonstrate your commitment to safety, stay compliant, and decrease your risk. Learn more about why safety innovators love Continuous MVR.

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Increase Productivity with Workflow Automation

It’s not just background check speed that impacts turnaround time; it’s also gaps in your process and unnecessary manual work. Our platform helps you automate and optimize your workflow, so you can move faster.

Background Screenings Powered by Technology

Our screenings are powered by the most advanced technology in the industry to deliver you higher-quality data in less time. You can make smarter, safer hiring decisions more efficiently.

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