When you sign up with Checkr using your card, we contact the bank to validate your payment method. This is primarily done using an authorization. Some banks call authorizations "pending" or "processing" charges. For specific information on policies regarding authorizations, contact the issuing bank.

Some authorization reasons:

  • Purchase authorization: When you place an order for 10 or more reports in a given month, we may contact your bank for a purchase authorization. These authorizations are equivalent to the cost of the reports completed and are primarily to validate funds. Once validated, we release the authorization promptly.
  • $1 authorizations: We do this every time a card is added to your account to confirm it has a valid number and hasn't been reported lost or stolen. This type of authorization may appear when:
    • You sign up for a new Checkr account
    • You add a new credit card to the account


  • All authorizations from Checkr are instantly released and may show up on your statement according to your card issuer's policy.
  • Contact your bank for further assistance with authorization timelines.