The Adjudication Process, Streamlined

Hiring teams spend as much as 40% of the work week on manual adjudication. With Checkr, spend as little as one hour per week, and get more consistent, more compliant results.

  • Faster background checks
  • Quickly identify qualified candidates
  • Built-in compliance safeguards

Better Candidate Screening Tools

Optimized Candidate Pool

Powerful analytics and reporting allow you to see hiring patterns, optimize your adjudication settings, and open up your funnel to help avoid ruling out qualified candidates.

Better Candidate Conversion

Spend fewer resources on adjudication, speed up the process, and onboard new hires faster by setting your criteria for a role up front and viewing only relevant results.

Lower Compliance Risk

Updated as regulations change, our built-in safeguards only surface reportable charges that you flag as relevant, helping ensure compliance, improve consistency, and reduce bias.


The Beginner's Guide to Background Checks


The Rise of Background Check Discrimination Lawsuits — and How to Get Ahead of Them

Meet PAM: Checkr's Positive Adjudication Matrix

At the start of a background check, our Positive Adjudication Matrix allows you to pre-select the charges that matter to you for each of your roles. Reports include only the charges you have flagged as relevant. You spend less time reviewing records you don't identify as relevant, so adjudication is faster, more consistent, and less affected by bias. This boosts your compliance and makes your hiring process fairer and more inclusive. PAM also helps expand your candidate pool by allowing you to better optimize your search criteria. And, because PAM helps you eliminate manual reviews where you don't need them, adjudication happens faster, which helps improve candidate experience and conversion.

How Better Adjudication Tools Can Lower the Cost of Hiring

Modernizing the adjudication process with AI-powered screenings, automatic clearing, and more helps your company hire more people with fewer hours of adjudication. A more efficient process saves time and money, and it means candidates are less likely to drop out of your hiring process — another drain on HR departments that can occur when background checks take too long. Plus, Checkr's built-in compliance safeguards can help protect companies from the big spends that come with compliance fines and litigation.

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