Built With the Candidate in Mind

We understand that candidates are real people whose lives are affected by the results we deliver, and we're always innovating to improve their experience. With Checkr, our customers can offer an end-to-end candidate experience that helps build trust during the background check process and increases conversion.

  • Modern, transparent experience
  • Fairer, more accurate reporting
  • Robust candidate resources and live support

Making Background Checks Friendlier, Faster, and Fairer

Robust Candidate Resources

Our mobile-friendly candidate portal and built-in FAQ help candidates find answers and proactively address concerns.

Dedicated Support Staff

Our certified, multilingual U.S.- and Canada-based candidate support teams help candidates resolve issues quickly.

Transparency for Candidates

Visibility into background check status helps keep candidates engaged, improves conversion, and helps reduce candidate contact rates as much as 15%.

Simple Forms

In Checkr's mobile-friendly candidate portal, forms, disclosures, and authorizations are quick and easy to complete, and built-in error detection helps keep the process moving.


Candidate Experience: The Complete Blueprint


5 Ways Staffing Agencies Can Improve Candidate Experience

How a Stand-Out Candidate Experience Helps You Hire

If candidates feel left in the dark by the background check process, or if it takes too long, they are more likely to drop out of your hiring pool or move on to a different offer. Our solutions are powered by artificial intelligence and machine learning to deliver more accurate and more compliant reporting on faster and more predictable timelines. Live support staff and visibility into background check status keep candidates engaged and in the loop. This helps improve conversion and cut down on candidate support requests, saving your hiring team's time and resources.

Driven by a Mission to Make Hiring More Inclusive

Checkr is built on the belief that everyone should have a fair chance to work. We build technology to help connect companies with a more diverse and inclusive pool of qualified candidates, and to help connect candidates with the support and resources they need to navigate the background check process. A candidate-forward mission focused on diversity and inclusion informs everything we do, from our hiring tools to our candidate experience programs. When you work with Checkr, it's a signal to candidates that your company shares our values of diversity and inclusion.

How We Help You Hire

You can use Checkr's platform tools to apply your preliminary assessment rules and only view the records you care about. This allows you to evaluate candidates with less compliance risk, in less time.

Our compliance tools are powered by artificial intelligence to increase accuracy and reduce bias, and they're updated constantly to help you stay on top of changing regulations. Checkr can help you reduce your risk without sacrificing speed and accuracy.

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We've built the most advanced background check toolset in the industry to make hiring faster, easier, more accurate, and lower risk.