Smart Technology to Make Your Hiring More Compliant

As you evaluate background check reports, you are bound by a stack of regulatory requirements that change constantly and that differ by job, location, and candidate profile. Compliance violations and litigation can cost companies millions. Our tools powered by AI and machine learning can help you stay ahead of the curve.

  • More accurate, more consistent reports
  • Adjudication tools to reduce bias and error
  • Constantly updated to changing regulations

Lower-Risk Hiring With Checkr

More Accurate Reporting

Our platform surfaces only reportable records relevant to your hiring decision, reducing risk, bias, and human error. We constantly update compliance tools as regulations change.

Standardized Charges

In courts across the U.S., the same charge may be classified in hundreds of ways. Our platform standardizes charge language, making your reports more accurate and more consistent.

Safer Adverse Actions

Checkr's tools help you save time and improve compliance by generating adverse action notices and automatically setting appropriate waiting periods and reminders.

Audit-Safe Recordkeeping

Our individual assessment tools help you more easily manage and catalog adjudication notes for every candidate, lowering compliance risk, and helping hiring teams stay organized.


5 Steps to Running Compliant Background Checks


How Checkr is Leveraging Humans to Build Trust in Technology

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With Checkr, you can set reports to only show the charges you find relevant to the role you're hiring for. Optimized results save time, reduce risk, and help expand your candidate pool.

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