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Can Your Background Check Do That?

Checkr’s AI-powered platform scales your hiring with fair screenings that are faster and more accurate

Advance your background checks with modern technology


Decrease manual review
and human error


Filter irrelevant records to
reduce bias


85% of background checks completed
within 24 hours

Comprehensive background screenings

We deliver the most advanced solution on the market with AI-powered tools that boost compliance and user experience. Manage all your background checks in a single platform and hire faster with the security of quality data on your side.


Criminal background checks, on a standalone or recurring basis, search local, federal, and international records.


Pre-employment civil searches, on a municipal and federal level, search relevant non-criminal legal history.

Driver and MVR

Standalone or recurring driver searches for motor vehicle history and license status.

Drug and Health

Drug and occupational health checks to assess the physical fitness of a candidate to perform their duties.


International background screens check for criminal history abroad and confirmation of education and work history.


Verification checks to confirm references, education, and work history on a national and international level.

Trust Starts Here

Trust starts here

With over 30K reports delivered and an average turnaround time of under 48 hours, Checkr is your partner in superior background screenings.

Accelerate your hiring process

Bundle solutions that make sense for your team. With Checkr’s AI-powered products, mitigate risk and increase efficiency in your hiring process.

Continuous Monitoring

Featured solution

Continuous monitoring for criminal records

Get notified of any reportable changes to employee criminal records with Continuous Crim monitoring.


Featured solution

Continuous monitoring for MVRs

Continuous MVR monitors your workers’ driving records. Keep your customers safe, cut insurance costs, and reduce your risk.

Checkr by Industry

Find the right solution for your company

Gig Economy

203Create custom screening solutions you need to gain a competitive edge.


Remain competitive by leveraging technology to modernize your hiring processes.


Grow and optimize your talent pools while making your hiring process safer and leaner.


Meet staffing goals with the scalability, speed, and accuracy you need—even during the busiest seasons.


Leverage modern technology to reduce time to place and convert more candidates.


Lighten the workload of hiring, lower costs, stay compliant, and create a safer community for everyone.

Food Service

Meet changing demand by scaling your workforce strategically.


Eliminate slow, manual processes of traditional background checks with AI.

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Beyond the Basics: Making Background Checks Work For You

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