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Social Security Number (SSN) Trace Icon Social Security Number (SSN) Trace


Checkr queries the SSN provided by the candidate against information provided by the Social Security Administration (SSA) to determine whether the SSN is associated with a number on the SSA’s Death Master File. If the number listed on the Death Master File, the Checkr system prompts the candidate to provide additional information.


The SSN Trace includes a compilation of addresses associated with the SSN. Based on this information and your package scope, Checkr will use address history to determine which jurisdictions to search for court records.

Criminal Records Check Icon Criminal Records Check

Sex Offender Registry Check

A thorough background check should include a Sex Offender Registry Check. Checkr searches registries for every state. The data returned includes date of registration and current status.

County Criminal Records Check

Checkr performs direct searches of county court records for different industries and companies of all sizes. This search is part of the baseline for establishing due diligence. Results include felony and misdemeanor criminal cases as well as, charges, disposition, dates and sentencing information.

State Criminal Records Check

Every state maintains a repository of its criminal records. Because of varying state laws, some repositories do not offer complete data for each of their counties or access. Checkr recommends running this check concurrent with the county criminal records check for the most thorough results.

National Criminal Records Check

This check searches millions of national records. It is an excellent ‘lead source’ for records to be searched at the county level because it reveals summary case information. It must be run concurrent with the county criminal records search.

Federal Criminal Records check

This search is part of the baseline for establishing due diligence and is run concurrent with the county criminal records check. Results include violations of federal law.

Global Watchlist check

This check searches known domestic and international terrorist watchlists as well as the records of the Office of Inspector General (OIG), Excluded Parties List (EPL) and additional domestic and international agency lists.

County and Federal Civil Records Check

This check provides access to Superior (upper) and Municipal (lower) courts for civil records, as well as those presided over by the federal district court system.

Driver Check Icon Driver Check

Driving Records Check (Motor Vehicle Records)

Checkr offers a full Driving Records Check that provides records from all 50 states plus the District of Columbia. Reports detail:

  • license status
  • violations and infractions
  • accidents
  • suspensions or revocations
  • expiration date
  • endorsements

Verification Check Icon Verification Check

National and International Employment Verifications

Checkr verifies the last three employers within a seven year period. Information includes dates of employment, title(s) held, and salary when it is available.

National and International Education Verifications

Checkr offers verification of education credentials that confirm degree received, course of study, and dates of attendance.

Personal or Professional Reference Checks

In-depth personal and professional reference checks are another way to verify the best candidate. Checkr conducts reference interviews using industry-standard questions or you can supply a customized list of questions.

Drug Check Icon Drug Check

Drug Screening

Checkr’s drug testing program includes multiple options. All drug tests are managed using electronic Chain of Custody forms for a simplified, paperless experience. Results are typically available within one to three business days.

Credit Check Icon Credit Check

credit check

A consumer credit report details an individual’s financial performance as reflected by the major credit bureaus. The report includes credit accounts (trades), their current status (for example, current payments, late payments, or charge-offs), public records, and accounts that have been placed for collection.

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