Checkr’s Candidate Portal

Our goal at Checkr is to provide the best candidate experience and create the least amount of work for you, the employer. So we created the candidate portal. Here candidates can check on the progress of their background check, see high-level ETA information and see the completed components of the package. Additionally, if they find an error in their report, they can request a correction right in the portal, whether they are on their phone, tablet, or computer.

So when our founders started Checkr back in 2014, they wanted to really centralize and make the candidate experience the best in the industry. And by doing so they went down the path of creating a centralized hub for the candidate. What we found is that a lot of customers were fielding phone calls and answering questions where the candidate was in the background screening process. So a lot of noise, right? The recruiters are fielding these types of questions every day. And so what they wanted to do was give transparency into the screening process. Let's update the candidate. Give them information right at their fingertips, be able to come in and actually see the information. And so the candidate portal, it is mobile accessible, if they have multiple reports. In this example, I've done, what, 6-7-8 reports here. So these would all show up to the candidate as well as the end-user within the dashboard. So still looking at it from the candidate’s perspective logging in, but here is where the candidate can actually take the additional actions and do everything electronically.

And that's the big key differentiator here is that even though they have access to the report, high-level ETA information, they can see the completed components of the package. But if they find an error in their report, they can actually submit that directly from the candidate portal. This is huge, right?

They don't have to call Checkr, they can, we give them those avenues, but they can actually do this directly within the portal itself. So if you're on your phone, and Andrew mentioned, you know, mobile capabilities, fully mobile optimized, in fact, 85% of all candidates coming in through the Checkr system within our customer base uses their mobile device to do this not only complete the screening application but also to access the portal.

And so again, they can open up the dispute correctly here and within those jurisdictions that have banned the box ordinances. So New York Fair Chance Hiring Act, Los Angeles requires a specific individualized assessment form. As part of the adverse action process, you as a customer adjudicating the results, or enabling the candidate to tell their story, they actually can supply that right in the portal. So here they would upload documentation, like evidence of rehabilitation for a drug charge, and they can provide your teams with additional context of, you know, the nature of the crime, how long ago did it happen? What is the nature of the position being applied for is it even relevant to the job?

And so when they supply that all that data surfaces to you as the customer within the dashboard. Now you have a complete picture of the candidate when you actually go to make that hiring decision.

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