Gusto + Checkr Webinar

Small Business Hiring Series: Background Check Compliance

Learn the ins-n-outs of background check compliance, picking the right background check and using the Checkr + Gusto integration

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Key takeaways

The current labor market

Challenges businesses face in the current labor market and how Fair Chance Hiring can help address those challenges

Background Check Compliance

What is background check compliance and how to determine which background checks will be right for your business

How to run background checks

See an overview of how to run background checks using fairness filters in the Gusto + Checkr integration

Background Check Compliance

With so many available background check options, it can be hard to know which to include in your background check package. Don’t worry, Checkr is here to help. In this webinar, we will share when and why to use a variety of background check screens across different criminal record searches, MVR checks, professional verifications, employment verifications, and more. Finally, our team will walk you through how the Checkr and Gusto seamless integration work together so you can confidently run the right background checks for your business.

Learn from these experts

Jordan Greenstreet

Sr. Partner Marketing Manager, Checkr

Su-Han Wang

Managing Litigation and Compliance Counsel, Checkr

Adrienne Scharch

Solutions Engineer, Checkr

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