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Background checks for working with vulnerable populations

How to choose the right screenings for childcare, elder care, and more


Watch the webinar

Watch to learn:

How to increase safety and reduce risk

Optimizing your hiring programs to create healthy environments for sensitive groups

Maintaining compliance with screenings for vulnerable population workers

Choosing the right background checks to comply with regulations

Experiences from care organizations like yours

See how other organizations approach safety

Improve safety and reduce risk for sensitive groups

Properly screening your workers who interact with children, the elderly, or other vulnerable populations is essential for the health and safety of your organization.

Whether you’re hiring caretakers or onboarding volunteers, we invite you to watch this in-depth discussion of background checks for individuals providing care.

In this webinar, our experts cover:

  • Important legal and compliance considerations for organizations and workers providing care
  • How to choose the right screenings for your workers, including data on how the depth of background check coverage impacts information included in your report
  • Insights from other organizations’ approaches to safety when working with vulnerable populations

Please note that the content in this webinar is not legal advice. Checkr customers must consult their own attorney for their company’s background check policies and requirements.

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