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How to Recruit Qualified Healthcare Workers for Better Patient Satisfaction

High demand for healthcare workers post-pandemic drives a renewed focus on recruitment. Learn how to hire qualified talent to ensure patient safety.


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Key takeaways

Planning for 2024 and beyond

Learn what leading healthcare organizations are doing to embrace these trends to help them attract and retain the right candidates

Fresh tips for attracting more healthcare workers

How to enhance patient care and outcomes, while minimizing employee turnover effectively

How technology can help you hire qualified healthcare workers safely and compliantly

How mobile-first recruiting technology can boost candidate experience and expedites hiring

Today’s record healthcare staffing shortages are resulting in burnt-out workers and decreased patient satisfaction. Patient cases show no sign of slowing down any time soon so how can you ensure your team is set up for hiring success in 2024 and beyond. 

Watch to hear from industry experts from iCIMS and RogueHire as we dive into strategies for recruiting healthcare talent that can help you achieve better patient outcomes and reduce employee turnover.

Learn from these experts

Tori Tsu

Sr. Product Marketing Manager, Checkr

Rhea Moss

Global Head of Workforce & Customer Insights, iCIMS

Matt Rimer

Managing Partner, RogueHire

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