Retailers Pivot to Digital to Drive Agile Hiring

Retailers are seeing record high employee turnover, which means it's more important than ever to remove friction from the hiring process. Checkr’s modern background check platform is helping retail companies—from big box stores to e-commerce platforms—scale hiring quickly to meet demand, even during the busiest seasons.

    Partner integrations

    Our platform plugs into the ATS and HRIS systems you’re already using, so you can start transforming the background check experience right away.

    The changing role of the store

    Modern retail stores have become an extension of the supply chain, along with modern retail workers. Retailers hire and cross train employees to work a variety of roles including, at the point of sale, in the stock room, at curbside pickup, and in the last mile of delivery. As a result, fully staffed retail stores are more critical than ever to the financial success of the entire omni channel retail operation. Learn more about how retailers are meeting hiring demands with a modern background check platform.

    Top retailers choose Checkr

    Solutions for the retail industry

    Candidate Experience

    A modern experience that empowers candidates

    In the retail industry, candidates shop for jobs the same way they shop for products, and the expectations for a seamless, digital experience are high. With our mobile-friendly candidate portal, candidates can submit required personal information digitally, track the status of their background check, and connect with a dedicated live support team.

    Enterprise Scalability

    Scale hiring quickly for peak seasons

    The background check landscape is legally complex, which is tricky to navigate when you’re hiring at scale. At Checkr, we’ve created tools to help you manage compliance simply, so you can focus on staffing up without the administrative background check bottleneck. Fill open job reqs and avoid losing candidates due to legacy process inefficiencies.

    Continuous Monitoring

    Protect your workforce and brand reputation

    Checkr’s continuous monitoring solution gives you real-time visibility into new, reportable criminal records across your active worker population. This can help you better manage risk for specific roles, such as those that include hazardous working conditions, handling high value merchandise, or contractors that enter sensitive areas like a customer’s home.

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