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Our hiring tools and proprietary background check technology give all kinds of companies—from big box stores to e-commerce platforms—the scalability, speed, and accuracy they need to meet staffing goals, even during the busiest seasons. The Retail Industry Leaders Association (RILA) awarded Checkr the 2019 Innovation Award for our dedication to helping retailers innovate in the age of the digital economy.

Top Challenges of the Rapidly Changing Retail Industry


The Way People Shop Is Changing Fast


In The Midst of a Labor Shortage, Qualified Candidates Are Hard to Find


Retailers Lose Billions a Year to Compliance Lawsuits

E-commerce has turned the retail industry upside-down, making one-day shipping and free returns the norm, and squeezing brick-and-mortar retailers nation-wide. To keep up, retailers need to make operations smart and lean. Inefficient hiring practices can hurt your sales and your bottom line.


How to Scale Hiring and Win Talent in 4 Important Steps


Nucleus Guidebook

Hiring Tools for Improved Productivity, Efficiency, and Safety Across the Board

Sales are dependent on staying appropriately staffed, which becomes difficult with high rates of turnover. Our solutions empower you to optimize your hiring pool and make decisions efficiently so you can meet your hiring goals. And, your HR teams can stay leaner, hiring more people in less time, while reducing compliance risk.

Tools to Expand and Optimize Your Candidate Pool

While many job applicants have a criminal record, not every type of charge is problematic for every role. Checkr leverages technology to help you scale your number of background checks in peak hiring season without slowing down the turnaround time. With Checkr's hiring tools, you can customize filtering criteria to help you expand your talent pool and hire more qualified talent, faster.

Compliance Safeguards to Help Mitigate Risk

In a climate where margins are thin and e-commerce is putting pressure on retailers to lower prices and ship for free, few can afford to spend millions on Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) fines and settlements. But with the right hiring practices, FCRA fines are often preventable. Our tech allows you to automate certain hiring processes, helping you stay ahead of changing compliance legislation, reduce manual errors and bias, and improve accuracy. Checkr background checks are fairer for candidates, and lower risk for your team.

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Our hiring solutions empower gig companies to scale and grow while maintaining safety and compliance. Learn how we help our customers gain a competitive edge.

When you need to take an adverse action, this smart tool generates your customizable documents, tuned to local compliance regulations for each candidate.

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