4 Ways to Improve Recruiter Productivity with Checkr Health

September 18, 2019
Checkr Editor

Checkr Health can help improve your recruiters’ productivity with easy-to-use features that put them in control. Using 4 techniques in the drug screening process, you can reduce candidate drop off, lower acquisition costs and free up more time for recruiting. With increased flexibility to solve candidate problems, recruiters can facilitate a better candidate experience.

Here are the 4 ways Checkr empowers your recruiters to improve the drug screening process:

1) Send Passport

Candidates often don’t realize that they need to bring a print-out of their passport with them to the lab or in some cases, may misplace their copy. While this is a crucial component of a successful drug screen, there isn’t a quick fix recruiters can offer them should they forget.

Resend a passport directly to a candidate’s email with a click of a button. This allows the candidate to move forward in the process quickly and lets the recruiter focus on more important tasks.

email candidate

↑ Improved Candidate Experience

↓ Less Time Wasted

2) Schedule Drug Screen

Scheduling and completing drug screens can be an intimidating process, especially if you haven’t done it before. Many candidates drop off simply because the process is confusing and time consuming.

Take control of the scheduling process for your candidates. Help confused applicants through the process by removing unnecessary steps and finding them the most convenient lab location.

↑ Improved Candidate Experience

↑ Increased Flexibility

↓ Reduced Candidate Drop off

3) Change Lab Location

Candidates often rush to choose a lab location before they realize there’s a more convenient option.

Quickly change lab locations for a candidate. Help candidates find the best lab location for them and move as many candidates through the funnel as possible.

↑ Improved Candidate Experience

↓ Reduced Candidate Acquisition Cost

↓ Reduced Candidate Drop off

4) Offer Time Extension

A drug screen can be time intensive and often candidates are busy working other jobs or need another day to make it to a lab.

Add time to the drug screen completion window. Give time extensions to candidates, when appropriate, to reduce the number of reports being ordered and get more candidates through the funnel.

add more time
new expiration date

↑ Improved Efficiency of Less Reports Ordered

↓ Reduced Candidate Acquisition Cost

↓ Reduced Candidate Drop off

For more information on how to start leveraging these tools today, contact sales@checkr.com.

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