5 Questions With Noah Labhart, CTO & Co-founder of Veryable

October 15, 2019
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Veryable is on a mission to revitalize the manufacturing sector. Founded in 2016, they give businesses the opportunity to lower their costs and scale by connecting them to a real-time marketplace of on-demand workers. As CTO and Co-founder, Noah Labhart leads their technology team and manages the Veryable product.

What led you to start Veryable?

In 2016, my partner, Mike Kinder, and I started talking about an idea. He’d worked in the manufacturing industry for many years and had come to know the direction of the industry by heart. Through his experience, he’d noticed two key things: first, there was a hefty price tag attached to all the new technology and engineering solutions in the manufacturing industry. Second, manufacturing plants were having trouble finding people and as a result, a skills gap has been created—where a large number of positions are going unfilled, as a younger workforce drifts away from the industry and an older workforce heads towards retirement.

Mike realized that in order for manufacturing to thrive and move towards innovation, the industry would have to solve capacity constraints first. His vision was to give organizations a tool to operationalize labor, enabling them to have flexible capacity through on-demand labor. In parallel, he envisioned more flexible and diverse opportunities for manufacturing workers, allowing them to expand their skill-sets, work for multiple companies, and set their own schedule. He pitched the idea to me, and I instantly clung on to it. We’ve been sprinting forward ever since.

What’s your role at Veryable?

I lead the technology team and am responsible for ensuring our roadmap is being executed as planned, and everything on the Veryable platform is running smooth. My team manages the background check integration, and work to deliver a seamless candidate experience for our operators.

How would you describe your relationship with Checkr?

Checkr’s been an excellent partner from the very beginning. It’s evident Checkr wants us to succeed as a company and finds mutual ways to support our growth. They have a great support team who we regularly check in with, about how to use the product better and what new features we can take advantage of. I’d also like to call out the Checkr support team—who’s very helpful in terms of confirming, communicating, and resolving issues.

The manufacturing sector has undergone significant changes in the last decade. Where do you think it’s heading?

There are a couple of big things happening. First, customers are demanding more from manufacturing plants — shorter lead times, customization in their orders, and real time tracking of the status of their order. This is requiring manufacturing to have a more flexible operation on the shop floor. Second, as I mentioned above, the workforce is changing and the industry needs to take note to become more attractive to a younger, tech savvy workforce.

What are technology trends you're seeing and implementing, and what has been the impact to your business?

We’re seeing more enterprise software moving off premise into the cloud and providing connectivity to other manufacturing systems. As such, there’s an opportunity for operational tools around analytics, labor, materials, etc. to be created on top of this ecosystem. By tapping into this fact, savvy businesses can potentially automate previously disconnected systems and processes, by allowing them to horizontally and vertically communicate.

Separately, because of the increasing need for people in manufacturing, quick on-boarding is essential. By using Checkr’s adjudication tools, we’re able to massively fill the pipeline with operators and process their background checks in record time. For example, a six hour a day job, reviewing 100s of background checks results a day has been converted into a 30 min a day job, processing thousands of BG checks.

Join Noah at this year’s Checkr Forward as he shares Veryable’s innovations in labor, and how they are connecting workers with manufacturing opportunities.

You can learn more and register here.

Noah has over 13 years of software development experience, including mobile/web development, SaaS platforms and enterprise systems management. He has created award-winning apps for startups and businesses, along with supporting manufacturing technology as an IT Manager for Alcon Laboratories. Noah holds two bachelor's degrees from Texas A&M University and an MBA from the University of Texas at Arlington.

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