Why Checkr? 6 Questions with Taskrabbit’s Policy Manager, Sidra Khan

July 07, 2023
Checkr Editor

Hear from Sidra Khan, Policy Manager for Registration and Onboarding at Taskrabbit, about why they chose Checkr as their background check provider.

Taskrabbit is a global digital platform that connects people seeking help with household tasks, such as furniture assembly, moving, and home improvements, to skilled, reliable Taskers in their communities.

Sidra Khan is the Policy Manager for Registration and Onboarding at Taskrabbit. She oversees their screening program for local markets and has been working on their implementation with Checkr for the past six months.

Tell us about your role at Taskrabbit.

I’m responsible for making sure the screening program is running as effectively as possible. So that’s making sure we have the right data in place, and using those data points to make the right decisions for our program. My team also focuses on ensuring that both our clients and our Taskers feel safe using the platform.

How did you hear about Checkr?

We came across Checkr at the Marketplace Risk Conference and spoke with a few companies who have experience with Checkr. The Assess product really stood out, and we were also looking for a vendor to support criminal and MVR checks.

What was it about Checkr that sparked your interest?

I think it was the features that Checkr offers. We wanted to reduce the amount of manual effort that our agents have to go through when adjudicating the alerts. We wanted to automate as much of that as possible whilst also ensuring that the turnaround time was quick as well. It was also important that the candidate’s experience across our US and Canada markets is similar. So we’re trying to streamline all of those processes and while exploring the Checkr product, realized it ticked a lot of our boxes.

What were some of the most important factors you considered when evaluating Checkr?

Cost and turnaround time are the most important factors when evaluating a background check vendor. We want to make sure that what we are doing is appropriate but also cost efficient. The turnaround time and accuracy of what’s been reported back to us, and how easy it is for our agents to adjudicate is also a significant factor.

Can you talk a little more about how you expect cost savings with Checkr?

One thing top of mind was cost savings. With our previous checks, if there was a SSN exception, we had to run the report all over again which became very expensive. So what I’m really happy with in terms of Checkr is the SSN exception where before all the other checks are even run, we can ensure that we get the right data to make sure we aren’t running reports multiple times and have the correct information up front.

What were some areas of opportunities at Taskrabbit that Checker has had a positive impact on?

At Taskrabbit, we aim to create the best possible match between client and Tasker for every task booked on our platform. We wanted to make sure that when we were getting the right Taskers, we were onboarding them as quickly as possible. Our goal was to have an onboarding conversion time that was consistent across all of our eight markets. We’ve already begun seeing a positive impact to that conversion in the two weeks that we’ve been live with Checkr.

Operational efficiencies were another big challenge. Our agents were manually reviewing about 15% of all alerts. This process will be automated with the Checkr Assess tool. The amount of manual work that gets eliminated for our operations team has been significant. It allows them time to focus on other lines of work as a result of reducing that workload.

Reduce time-to-hire with Checkr

Checkr helps organizations of all sizes hire faster and fairer, provide a more transparent background check process for candidates, while increasing operational efficiency by reducing manual processes. If you’re interested in learning about Taskrabbit, you can find more information on their website or LinkedIn.

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“We wanted to automate most of our existing processes, whilst also ensuring quick turnaround time... and while exploring the Checkr product, realized it ticked a lot of our boxes.”
Sidra Khan, Policy Manager for Registration and Onboarding

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