A Fresh Look at the Checkr Dashboard

January 14, 2021
Checkr Editor

Our product and engineering teams here at Checkr are constantly finding ways to improve the end-to-end background check experience. Today, we’re excited to reveal the 2021 visual foundation updates we’re rolling out to help make our Dashboard more user friendly and scalable.

User Friendly

Throughout this past year, we’ve worked tirelessly to make the transition to our new design language and design system as seamless as possible. And while the entire Dashboard will be receiving an update, we’d like to highlight the two key pages that our users see the most: our Candidates page and our Reports page.

checkr dashboard

*Image: shows an account with our Assess product enabled.

This iteration of improvements for the Candidate’s page retains today’s functionality, but sports a refreshed look and feel. Through hours of customer observation, we’ve distilled the use of colors and improved candidate report groupings on our Dashboard to highlight what’s most important for our end users, making it easier to take informed action quickly.

reports page

Image: shows an account with our Assess product enabled.

Similarly, in the newly redesigned reports page, we’ve pared back certain elements and components to make sure that only what’s needed for review is highlighted on the page. In addition, we’ve fine tuned all the spacing and indentation to improve readability and scannability in order to aid people who regularly review a high volume of reports. This allows our users to be accurate while quickly focusing on what truly matters, increasing efficiency in the review process.


In addition to the visual changes, we’re also updating the plumbing of our product to support new features in the future. Our upgraded framework ensures that you’ll have the latest innovations at your fingertips.

At the heart of the upgrade is a design system library internally code-named Mastodon: a defined set of battle-tested components that allows our designers and engineers to build and test at scale. With plenty of improvements for 2021 and beyond, Mastodon is laying the foundation for higher quality and quicker feature development at scale.

What to expect

For existing customers, we will start rolling out these changes in Q1 of 2021. If you have questions or concerns, please reach out to your Customer Success representative or fill out this contact request form.

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