Checkr Forward Preview: 6 Can’t Miss Sessions

October 28, 2019
Checkr Editor

Checkr Forward, the first annual conference for leaders and professionals in hiring, safety, and compliance to learn, network, and discuss the challenges of hiring at scale, is a few days away! November 5th will bring together a star-studded cast of speakers who will share their experiences across a variety of topics, from new technologies like artificial intelligence to the changing safety landscape.

Here’s a taste of the sessions and speakers we have lined up: 

1. Scott Wintrip: Mastering High Velocity Hiring 

Join best selling author, Scott Wintrip, as he shares five best practices to cut your time-to-hire with lessons from leaders across high-velocity hiring industries like gig, staffing, retail, and hospitality. 

2. Best Practices for AI and Data-Driven Hiring 

Hear from DoorDash and Veryable has they share how they’re using artificial intelligence and data to broaden their hiring funnels and improve candidate conversion. The session will dive into how you can identify bottlenecks in your hiring process and use technology to eliminate them. 

3. The Profound Impact of Employment, A Simulation

Every year, over 600,000 Americans are released from prison into a society that’s not set up for their success. Meanwhile, jobs for this population are the single most important factor in their reintegration—and lead to safer communities for all. During this 1.5 hour simulation, you’ll get a chance to see if you can make it through a month of reentry, giving you a new perspective on hiring bias and an untapped talent pool that could change your business. 

4. The War for Today’s Gen Z & Independent Talent 

Today’s recruiters have to be innovative when it comes to filling open positions. In this session, leaders from TalentBurst and PDS Staffing will share their unique approaches to hitting their hiring goals and highlight why technology is key to success. 

5. Background Checks: Deciding What Matters

Join Jonathan Bushnell, Head of Critical Escalations and Data Privacy Officer at Thumbtackas he shares how his experience in Law Enforcement has empowered him to use empathy as a tool to build a background check process that incorporates fairness at scale— and why doing so makes good business sense.

6. Fraud & Safety: Lessons from 3 Industries 

Get an inside look at how three leading companies, Postmates, Stripe, and Onfido, are improving safety, compliance, and fraud detection to deliver safer environments for their customers, employees, and partners. You’ll walk away with some best practices you can bring to your own organization.  

Join us at Checkr Forward! Register today.

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