Checkr & Sense: Accelerating the Hiring Process through Seamless Background Check Partnership

March 15, 2021
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Today, we at Checkr are excited to announce that we’ve teamed up with Sense, the all-in-one communication and engagement platform powered by AI and machine learning, to give modern recruiting agencies the ability to create long-term and hyperpersonal connections with their talent at scale through streamlining the background check process.

Every recruiter knows the pain of getting a candidate to the offer-letter stage only to have all that effort wasted because of delays, lack of communication, or a poor experience. With the Checkr-Sense integration, TA teams no longer have to worry about these issues.

“Sense and Checkr are bringing automation to the forefront of the background check process,” says Pankaj Jindal, Co-Founder of Sense. “Customers will now be able to automatically trigger background checks without any manual intervention at any step of the process: application date, submission date, hire date, state date, etc. We’re excited to help our customers streamline their processes while ultimately adding bottom-line dollars.”

Through the Checkr-Sense partnership, Talent Acquisition teams are able to eliminate delays between offer and background check invitation. This timely communication flow ultimately improves the candidate experience and gives organizations a competitive edge in today’s hiring market where speed is highly prized by talent.

“Customers using Sense and Checkr together will be able to fill open roles more quickly, accurately predict candidate start dates, and effectively engage with candidates at scale,” says Marc Diouane, Chief Business Officer at Checkr.

What recruiting teams can expect from the Sense-Checkr Integration

Those who take advantage of the Sense-Checkr partnership can expect an all-around smoother recruiting flow with likely returns in these specific areas...

  • Reduction in the number of manual tasks.
  • A decrease in candidate drop-off rate.
  • Better candidate experience.

By using Checkr within Sense, you can reduce the number of administrative tasks recruiters need to manage.  Once a job offer is accepted, Sense automatically triggers a background check without prompting from a recruiter. This ‘set it and forget it’ workflow eliminates manual steps and duplicative systems, freeing up recruiter bandwidth to focus on more strategic activities.

Inside Sense, Checkr helps customers accurately predict candidate start dates and decreases human error which can result in escalations. This smoother recruiting flow eliminates the delays between the accepted offer and background check which can cause candidate drop-off. While communication capabilities like reminder texts and status updates from the Sense platform help candidates have a better, more engaging experience throughout the background check process.

At the end of the day, it’s about the user experience

By using Checkr alongside Sense customers can effectively engage with candidates at scale, driving a truly talent-centered business.

“It is imperative that customers maintain their competitive advantage in today’s talent landscape. By leveraging AI and automation they can increase productivity, improve candidate experience, and accelerate growth. One of the most crucial areas that requires compliant automation is the background screening process. We see this offering seamlessly integrating into any tech stack; just as one would automate prescreening, onboarding, referrals, redeployment, exit surveys etc. All of these features and more are fundamental assets of the Sense platform.”  - Pankaj Jindal

Is your Talent Acquisition team interested in reducing administrative tasks, decreasing candidate drop-off, and boosting candidate experience? Then please get in touch about implementing the Sense-Checkr partnership in your hiring process.

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“Customers using Sense and Checkr together will be able to fill open roles more quickly, accurately predict candidate start dates, and effectively engage with candidates at scale.”
Marc Diouane, Chief Business Officer

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