Checkr's New Look: A Story of Possibilities

July 28, 2022
Checkr Editor

Learn more about checkr's refreshed brand and what it means for you.

As the future of work evolves, your needs evolve too. And as your needs change, we anticipate and innovate to solve them.

Our brand needs to reflect our commitment to building a community of empowered customers in an ever-changing hiring landscape. However, we heard and felt that our existing brand did not mirror what and who our company has become. So we set out to create a new look, one that represents our collective growth.

This involved looking at every element of our brand identity and considering how they align with our current state and our vision for the future. We quickly learnt that our brand needed a refresh—from the logo, photography, tone and typography, to our colors and product design. We needed to bring our personality to life.

Our approach

At Checkr, our mission is clear; to build a fairer future by designing technology to create opportunities for all. While our mission remains, we have undergone transformation in both scale and impact—and we’re ready to show up differently.

To kick off the project of building an updated brand identity—we focused on four key goals:

Focus on customers, innovation, and our mission of fairness
Showcase our mission of a fairer future of work, grounded in fairness and advanced through innovation, and how it comes alive in providing you with efficient technology

Design for extensibility
Adaptive and fluid systems that can comfortably support new use cases, highlighting the sophistication and ease of use across Checkr products

Think globally
Clearly communicate for a diverse global audience across all sectors we serve, from small businesses to Fortune 500 brands

Bring out our personality
The visual identity should feel like Checkr while reflecting our commitment to smarter hiring

Our brand attributes

We redefined our attributes to better align with our commitment to support you in the future of work. Now, we have a brand system defined by you, your candidates, and our collective mission.

Our core brand concept is: clear. It’s a single idea that serves as the foundation of all brand experience. As an adjective, it means simple, transparent, or unclouded. As a verb, it means removing unwanted objects. And it’s more than just a word. It informs and influences every decision we make—it’s how we operate as a business.

Moreover, we strongly believe in the principle of fairness. By building fairness into our technology, we think that in our own way we can contribute to making the world a fairer place. Checkr is also built on intelligence—it streamlines your work processes, gets you better results, and lets you see candidates in a more nuanced light. We are focused on approachability. Even as AI, machine learning, and software guide and disrupt the industry as we know it, it’s still people that power us. We elevate the individuals using and moving through our ecosystem. Lastly, we are transparent. We are open about our mission, our values, and our goals—and transparency in our technology and systems is paramount so you can make strong hiring decisions.

Experience the new brand

Whether you represent a family-owned construction business, a Unicorn app start-up, or a large enterprise firm—we understand many of your HR and operations teams are overstretched and underserved. You require efficiency and productivity while you hire the right talent fast. You need to provide excellent candidate experiences, and be able to scale hiring on a moment's notice. We’ve seen you navigate these complex workplace challenges to build diverse and high-performing teams, and you inspire us. Therefore, our new look and feel was created to deliver a delightful experience as you engage with us.

When you arrive on our website, you’ll see a new robust library of customer photography, featuring you and your teams in your real work environments. A more vibrant color palette celebrates our diverse community of innovators working together to bring fairness into hiring. You will experience refreshed, intuitive navigation on the website, making it easier for you and your candidates to find what you need, right when you need it.

Within our products, find streamlined designs tailored to make your job easier. And when you come across our new logo—free from unnecessary ornamentation and complication—we hope you’re reminded of the trust, transparency, and humility within our community.

Moving forward

We are so excited to bring this new look to you as we continue to expand the Checkr brand and mission. The future of work is certain to evolve rapidly in the coming years, and we are eager to meet your challenges with clarity, fairness, intelligence, approachability, and transparency.

Our community of professionals continues to grow, and we want to see you in the cities where you live and work! Stay tuned to learn more about our Checkr Forward in-person events beginning in October 2022, bringing our community together to share best practices and strengthen our mission for a fairer future.

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