CLEAR and Checkr Partner on Frictionless Background Check Process

August 30, 2021
Checkr Editor

New York, NY –  Today, CLEAR (NYSE: YOU), the secure identity company, and Checkr, the leading technology company in the background check industry, announced a strategic partnership of CLEAR’s identity verification technology platform with Checkr’s background check platform. Employers will be simplifying and securing the screening process for job applicants and employers with CLEAR’s trusted identity verification. Job candidates and employers of all sizes and across industries will be able to leverage this new, scalable hiring solution for a more trusted and expedited hiring process. Candidates can also use CLEAR’s Health Pass to demonstrate proof of vaccination for employers that require it.

This innovative partnership will enhance the screening and onboarding experience for applicants and employers alike. CLEAR removes the need for burdensome procedures for an applicant to confirm their identity while infusing a new level of security in the process. Candidates who choose will leverage CLEAR’s mobile technology to quickly and easily verify their identity before engaging with Checkr’s background check process. Employers will benefit from greater security and trust while offering candidates a more seamless hiring experience. This collaboration will also allow candidates and employers to verify identity more easily beyond the initial check. Candidates will be able to move to a new company or start multiple jobs at similar organizations with greater ease in identifying who they are. Employers will be able to enhance security by verifying the identity of a hired candidate when they actually come to work.

“With CLEAR, you are you and it shouldn’t require a mountain of paperwork to prove that,” said Catesby Perrin, CLEAR’s EVP Growth. “We are thrilled to be partnering with Checkr to empower candidates with technology that creates simple, easy, secure experiences while giving employers greater confidence in the process.” 

“CLEAR and Checkr partnering together brings tremendous value to our joint customers, enhancing the investment they have made in background checks and identity verification services. Customers can optimize their hiring process today while also preparing for tomorrow’s flexible future of work,” said Checkr Chief Business Officer Marc Diouane.

A collaboration between CLEAR and Checkr is ideal for customers who want to quickly verify background but also ensure that person is who they say they are, both now and in the future. This joint solution can be used in a variety of use cases, from enabling more levels of security in the gig economy to bringing more safe and reliable in-home health care to those in need. 

Growing from airport security screening to stadium entry, and now powering identity verification for enterprise customers, this partnership builds on CLEAR’s history of innovation. CLEAR’s digital identity platform continues to be a secure, scalable, and adaptable solution meeting the needs of businesses in various sectors and making life as frictionless as possible. 

About CLEAR 

With CLEAR, you are always you. CLEAR’s mission is to enable frictionless and safe journeys using your identity. With more than 7 million members and 100+ partners across North America, CLEAR’s identity platform connects you to the cards in your wallet – transforming the way you live, work and travel. Trust and privacy are the foundation of CLEAR. We have a commitment to members being in control of their own information and never sell member data. CLEAR is at the highest level of security by U.S. government regulators and is also certified as Qualified Anti-Terrorism Technology under the SAFETY Act.

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“We are thrilled to be partnering with Checkr to empower candidates with technology that creates simple, easy, secure experiences while giving employers greater confidence in the process.”
Catesby Perrin, EVP Growth

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