Creating a New Standard of Safety in the Ridesharing Industry and Beyond

September 16, 2019
Checkr Editor

Working with our customers across many different industries, we saw a need to move move beyond static background reports to dynamic checks, especially given the growth of today’s flexible workforce. So today we are announcing new technology that provides continuous updates about criminal records that may affect ridesharing drivers’ eligibility to drive.

Designed with Uber, Continuous Check is the first background check product that actively flags potentially disqualifying records to ensure safety standards are met. With the introduction of this new technology, we’re creating a new standard of safety for the ridesharing industry and beyond.

In the future, Checkr will be able to work proactively with applicants who were previously ineligible to work but now meet an employer’s requirements — for example, if a jobseeker has only minor offenses that are no longer legally reportable, a hiring company may want to engage or re-engage them.

For more info about Continuous Check, you can read our full press release here.

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