Different Brand, Same Mission: Introducing the New Checkr

September 17, 2019
Checkr Editor

It’s been a while since we launched the last Checkr website in 2015. When we decided it was time for a revamp, we looked around and realized just how much we’ve evolved in the past four years.

Checkr started out as a small group of technology and background check experts on a mission to build a better future. Today, we’re a diverse team of more than 400 people powering one of the top background check companies in North America. 

Launching a new site meant we needed to take a step back and navigate a series of bigger questions: Who are we today? How do we speak to all of our new customers, partners, and candidates? What does that look like? 

Our start: disrupting the background check industry 

When we first started Checkr, we saw how much of a roadblock slow and often inaccurate background checks were for On-Demand companies. At this time, the world of work was evolving and this experience didn’t match up with the changing expectations of these companies and their candidates. We knew that with a true technology platform built with artificial intelligence and machine learning, we could improve both speed and accuracy. 

Since founding, we’ve helped our customers run more than 30 million background checks, safely, and efficiently. Our API-first platform has helped companies improve their hiring and opened up opportunities for candidates. Our customers look to us, to not only supply quality background checks, but to also help them evaluate their existing hiring practices, improve productivity, and find new ways to open up their candidate pools with our technology. 

Our mission: stronger than before 

Early on, we realized that an accurate background check was often the difference between someone being able to support themselves or not. That’s why this isn’t just about about growing a successful technology company for us, it’s also about improving accuracy to ensure everyone gets an opportunity to work. 

The Checkr mission is what guides and motivates our employees every day, but when we spoke to customers and took a closer look at our website—we realized our mission wasn’t present. 

Who are we? And what does that sound like? 

Today we’re a team of over 400 people covering a breadth of ethnicities, socio-economic backgrounds, and genders. This diversity helps us fuel innovation and ensure representation of ideas that span across our customer base. 

We’ve grown from a background check disruptor to an established leader in the space. Our technology has helped fuel the growth of the On-Demand economy, and now we’re helping leading companies across industries improve their hiring. 

What does this new evolution of Checkr sound like? 


Moving beyond the young disruptor, we’re now an intelligent expert. We understand how complicated hiring can be, and we strive to help you understand the best way to address these processes to fuel growth. 


We speak clearly and confidently, but we are anchored in kindness and focused on the needs of our customers, partners, and applicants. We also understand  there are a lot of regulations and nuances in this industry. We aim to help you by being clear in what we are offering.


We specialize in helping companies hire large volumes of people, but at the same time, we realize that there are people behind the number. We believe it’s important to be kind to both our customers and candidates. 


We’ve entered into a complex industry and are delivering solutions that streamline and deliver results. We feel confident that we know a lot about hiring and can help you solve complex challenges. 

What does this look like? 

Checkr is established, but we’re always solving the problems in our path in new and innovative ways. As a result, our new wordmark is a sleek modern serif, with slim tapered letterforms that speak to speed and efficiency.

blog logo comparison
checkr moodboards

The primary blue has been tuned slightly and is now complemented by coral and teal to add welcoming brightness. 

blog brand announcement

Additional elements included human-focused illustrations and sweeping parallel lines that highlight connectivity and the flow of data. Meanwhile, photography is centered on group collaboration and emphasizes the wide breadth of industries and people we serve.

Everything comes together on our new site

If you’re reading this, you already know. The brand new website is here and includes the updated Checkr look and voice. As we continue to help companies hire in new ways, our new website will help articulate this value. Starting on the homepage, our mission is clearer and so is the connection between our commitment to diversity and our values. 

We’re proud of who’ve become and the opportunities that lie ahead. Our new website has the ability to evolve and keep pace with Checkr’s rapid pace, so be sure to stop by often. Also be sure to send any feedback and suggestions you have to tricia@checkr.com

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As we continue to help companies hire in new ways, our new website will help articulate this value. Starting on the homepage, our mission is clearer and so is the connection between our commitment to diversity and our values.

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