5 Questions with Dolly

August 25, 2020
Checkr Editor

Dolly brings you moving and delivery help on your schedule, from its vetted, independent pickup truck owners. With over one million items moved, Dolly is one of the most trusted names in moving and delivery. Dolly is a fast, easy, and affordable way to get help with your house or apartment move.

1) Can you tell us more about Dolly and your role?

Dolly is an on-demand delivery service that re-imagines the big and bulky item delivery experience by putting the customer in control. At Dolly, I am the Helper Program Manager, and manage all aspects of our Helper supply, from acquisition and compliance to trust and safety and engagement.

2) What led you to choose Checkr? What’s your favorite feature?

Checkr was able to offer us competitive pricing, scalability with our growth, and seamless integration. My favorite Checkr feature is their flexible integration. API functionality is great, and with Fountain, Checkr helps create a seamless applicant experience.

3) How do you think about balancing risk and compliance while also meeting the hiring needs of your customers?

Dolly takes trust and safety very seriously. We are very thorough in our background check and compliance procedures. Seldom do we take risks in this regard, but if we do, they are done with in-depth and individualistic attention to detail.

4) What hiring and onboarding trends do you see in the gig space or what things are you most focused on?

My biggest goal is to further improve the application experience. In the gig space you see a variety of “sign up” methods, from lengthy application forms to simple account creations. I believe the trend will continue towards simpler, streamlined onboarding processes, which only become more important with scale.

5)  With COVID-19 forcing many businesses to convert their hiring and onboarding processes to remote/entirely digital, Dolly seems to have a leg up in that it was already optimized for this. How does digitization play a part in hiring, onboarding, and overall business success for Dolly?

Digitization and automation are a massive part of our hiring and onboarding experience. Ensuring every applicant has the tools they need to get in touch if they need help, while also making the process both smooth enough to not need help, and automatic enough to move through quickly, is a constant effort for us. The same goes for our business as a whole—we want all of our users to feel empowered through intuitive experiences, and we continuously invest in perfecting our products for this experience. 

Milo Dowling is the Helper Program Manager at Dolly.

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