How Checkr & iCIMS Can Help You Hire With Confidence

April 16, 2020
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Hiring at scale often means having to compromise between quality, speed, and overall experience. As a result, companies are forced to make tradeoffs that can have detrimental impacts on their businesses. That’s why we’ve teamed up with iCIMS to deliver a partnership and integration to help companies meet their hiring goals without having to compromise.

Here’s what you can expect when you use iCIMS and Checkr together:

A Human-Centered Candidate Experience

When potential hires are kept waiting for their background check to complete, aren’t sure of the steps or how to follow up, it raises questions about their would-be employer.

Checkr has designed a consumer-grade mobile interface that extends the iCIMS recruiting experience with built-in ETAs that leave no questions about background checks unanswered and backs it all up with a dedicated candidate support team.

One View To Do It All

To drive recruiter efficiency, integration eliminates the thing everybody hates: having to go back and forth between multiple applications in order to complete a hire.

Instead, hiring managers will be able to see everything they need to know about the background check process within iCIMS. What may be less obvious is the artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning technology underpinning Checkr which automates manual steps that wasted time, caused errors, and introduced bias into the hiring process.

Compliance, Consistency and Confidence

Employers not only need to hire the right people — they need to hire them the right way, and adhere to employment laws and regulations that can differ based on location and change constantly.

Unifying Checkr and iCIMS could help customers hire fairly every time, rather than face lawsuits or fines based on inaccurate data and inconsistent decision-making.

With a team of compliance experts who constantly monitor the regulatory landscape and update the Checkr platform, iCIMS customers can reduce unnecessary risks in their background check program.  Automating steps like sending adverse action notifications, meanwhile, gives hiring teams more time to continue their search for the best candidates.

Offer your candidates a fully digital recruiting experience that removes friction from the hiring process. With a unified Checkr and iCIMS solution, you no longer have to compromise for speed, accuracy, or risk to deliver business outcomes.

Begin your journey toward modernizing your hiring experience and visit to schedule a demo.

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