A Conversation with Womxn of Checkr Resource Group Leader: Megan Baker

July 22, 2021
Checkr Editor

Womxn of Checkr (WOC) is an employee resource group (ERG) dedicated to empowering womxn in the workplace to challenge one another to be confident and ambitious with professional goals and personal development. 

We sat down with Megan Baker, director of payroll, stock and 401(k) and leader of Womxn of Checkr, to chat about the group and its impact on the Checkr community. 

Hi Megan! What city do you work out of and how long have you been at Checkr? 

I work out of our San Francisco office and am excited about returning to the office and seeing everyone! I’ve been at Checkr for almost 3 years.

What is your current role? 

I am the Director of Payroll, Stock and 401(k).

What motivated you to become a WOC leader at Checkr? 

I am passionate about womxn’s professional development in the workplace and was attracted to being able to create a safe space for womxn and allies to grow together. 

What is a WOC moment or initiative you’re particularly proud of?

I always love to see allies come to our events and support us! Inclusion and support of all Checkrs is the responsibility of everyone, and seeing that support at events is really special. 

What surprised you most about the WOC ERG?

Womxn of Checkr isn’t just about employees who identify as women, we want all employees to come together and support each other regardless of their identity. Technology companies have a reputation for having a low percentage of female representation, and we have nearly 47 percent of our employees who do not identify as male. That’s pretty impressive to me!

What does the WOC community mean to you?

Womxn can often have unique experiences while working for technology companies. There is a perception that you must work crazy hours, it’s impossible to have a family or a life outside of work, and that you will be vastly outnumbered by your male colleagues. At Checkr, we have amazing benefits, generous parental leave, flexible schedules, and work hard to make Checkr the best place to work for all employees. We strive to change those perceptions and make the technology industry more inclusive.

What are some goals of WOC you’re excited about?

I’m looking forward to planning some collaborative external womxn’s group happy hours with other technology companies. After working remotely for the last year and a half, seeing how we can partner with other companies and their womxn groups will be a great opportunity to foster connections with new womxn.

What is your favorite WOC event? 

This last year I’ve loved our quarterly book club meetings. We also have had some amazing #connection events such as a succulent arrangement class and calligraphy class. It was nice to do something not work related with co-workers across the company. Having fun with each other is just as important as the professional development aspect of our group.

Do you have a favorite womxn in business community app, blog, article, or podcast you’d recommend to others?

I’ve recently been on a personal finance kick! Womxn can have a unique financial experience; overcoming a lot of societal messages that can create bad habits or prevent us from doing what we need to do to save for the future. The best thing you can do is start educating yourself and make sure you are on track to reach your goals.

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