Introducing New Innovation from Checkr’s People Trust Platform

July 14, 2020
Checkr Editor

Today we’re announcing a set of new innovations across our People Trust Platform.

It’s no surprise that the way we source and hire talent has changed dramatically in the past decade. Where in the past, a mobile recruiting experience was a nice-to-have, it’s now become a requirement for companies. It’s not just the interface that matters—candidates now expect speed and transparency in all parts of the hiring process. And while some parts of the hiring process have evolved, through recruiting chatbots, online sourcing tools like LinkedIn Recruiter, and video interviewing tools, other parts have been slower and more challenging to advance.

This is the case when it comes to background checks. Many companies are still relying on their legacy background check, a manual service established more than forty years ago, before ‘online’ was even a term. It’s no surprise then, that the legacy background check feels clunky within our hiring processes today. Slow turnaround times and a painful candidate experience are forcing many companies to make a choice between hiring efficiency and strong risk mitigation processes.

Checkr’s People Trust Platform was created to help our customers hire the people they need without compromising on safety, speed, or fairness. We do this by using artificial intelligence to improve the efficiency and accuracy of every background check we run—and by taking a modern, technology-driven approach to trust and safety in hiring. Today we’re excited to share that we’re building on this innovation by rolling out a new set of products and services to help make hiring safer, more efficient, and more inclusive. Here’s what’s new across the People Trust Platform: 

A Global Platform 

For the last six years, we’ve focused our efforts on bringing modern technology to the background check industry in the United States. A lot’s changed during that time—our customers have grown and expanded their presence and are now hiring across the globe. As their needs have changed and new challenges have emerged, we’ve worked to expand our focus as well. 

Checkr will now be offering background check screenings in 223 countries around the world. This means that you can manage background checks for all of your domestic and international candidates in a single platform, with a unified billing system. With our global platform, we’ll bring our industry-leading candidate experience to customers abroad and use modern technology to streamline the background check process. 

A Smarter, Fairer Way to Hire

Hiring teams today need to run background checks as quickly and reliably as ever, while using fewer team resources. That’s why we’ve used our proprietary technology to create Checkr Assess, a powerful digital assistant that helps you see which candidates are eligible for employment based on your hiring criteria. This speeds up your adjudication process without compromising compliance or accuracy. With flexible, detailed filtering tools your adjudication team can focus on the reports that matter most, and engage more eligible candidates, sooner. 

But Checkr Assess isn’t just about efficiency, it also helps Checkr customers hire more fairly. Assess lets our customers pre-select the charges that matter to each one of their open roles and de-emphasize the ones that don’t. With Assess, hiring teams can focus on background check reports that matter most and highlight the charges they’ve flagged as relevant. For example, if you’re hiring for a desk job, you can use Assess to de-emphasize driving violations, since the role doesn’t include a driving component. This helps speed up your adjudication process without compromising compliance or accuracy, and also opens up new pools of talent, so you can improve and hit your diversity targets.

A Focus on Continued Innovation

Checkr Assess and our international offering are two of the newest additions to our suite of innovative products. They join Continuous Check, which was launched last year, a subscription service that essentially operates as an ongoing, light-weight background check. Continuous Check delivers real-time updates on relevant, reportable changes, so customers can better understand present risk to their businesses. 

Together, these offerings help you hire faster while reducing risk. We’ll continue to build upon this innovation and deliver products and services that go beyond our core domestic screenings by working closely with our customers to understand their needs—by using technology and data to develop new solutions to their modern hiring challenges. 

This pattern of continuous innovation is what our customers love about Checkr. They know they can partner with us to solve the modern challenges of hiring—today and into the future. To learn more about our new offerings and the People Trust Platform, check out

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