Introducing the Fair Assessment Course and Certification, A New Way to Reach Talent

September 14, 2019
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The US unemployment rate recently fell to its lowest level in half a century in May, capping the longest streak of job creation in modern times. However, despite the consistent job growth, for people with criminal records or a history of incarceration—that’s nearly one in three Americans—the number of obstacles and stigmas to securing work are still at an all time high.

As a hiring platform that performs background checks, Checkr strives to leverage its role in the employment process by educating employers to recognize the background check as just one component of a person’s story. And as competition for talent continues to intensify, companies need to start considering these candidates who may have been previously overlooked to open up new talent pools, while being mindful of laws that protect candidates from discrimination. They need to understand that accepting candidates with criminal records can help up them open up new pools of talent and gain an advantage for their business.

That’s why we’re proud to announce the launch of our Fair Assessment Course and Certification, an online course that establishes Fair Assessment as a way to build a fairer hiring process. Attendees are taken through best practices and strategies to review background checks and scenarios that are commonly encountered in hiring decision making.

By the end of the course, they can:

  • Stay compliant with regulations that protect consumers
  • Reduce friction in their hiring process
  • Consider the candidate’s record in the context of its age and relation to the job
  • Decipher confusing court dispositions
  • Open up new pools of qualified talent

Our Fair Assessment Certification is backed by years of knowledge sharing and collaboration with compliance leaders in the gig economy and talent spaces. While the course and certification is valued at $149, we’re now offering it for free with the promo code: fairchance_web2019. We recommend the course for anyone involved in the hiring process, with an influence over hiring policies, or with an interest in fair chance practices.

Fair Assessment sets the foundation for the world that Checkr imagines can exist. By allowing everyone an equal opportunity to work, companies enjoy the benefits of a more loyal and dedicated workforce. They gain access to a more diverse talent pool that can bring meaningful lived experiences to problem solving and collaboration.

Start by getting certified today and learn how leveling your processes can benefit both your company and society.

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