New G2 Scores Show Checkr Customers Value Platform Features and Ease of Use

November 15, 2022
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Each quarter, leading software review platform G2 spotlights the top-rated solutions for specific industries based on user satisfaction and market presence. For the third year in a row – and 12 consecutive quarters – G2 has named Checkr a “Leader” in the background check category.

This designation is especially meaningful to us because G2 scores are based on ratings and reviews from actual customers. The employers and organizations who use Checkr every day for background checks are our most valuable source of feedback, and it’s rewarding to know we’re serving their needs.

G2’s score data highlights that Checkr’s user satisfaction ratings are higher than our top competitors – HireRight, Sterling, and First Advantage – in 10 key areas.

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Ease of use and fast turnaround times improve efficiency

What do customers love best about Checkr? G2 reviews reveal that our users appreciate the platform’s ease of use. Many reviewers marvel at how quickly they can initiate background checks simply by sending emails to applicants and how rapidly Checkr returns screening results—often within 24 hours.

An efficient hiring process gives your organization an edge in attracting the most qualified candidates and keeping them in your pipeline. Quick turnaround times let them onboard candidates sooner, say reviewers, adding that Checkr has eliminated the long wait times and delays of conducting background checks with paper and pen background authorization forms.

The turnaround time with Checkr is unlike any [background check] providers I have ever seen. I've seen turnaround times within less than 24 hours and usually not more than 3 business days. I also love the simplicity of the interface and the ease of use. It was incredibly simple to set up.
Yvette L.
Director, HR

Ease of setup makes it quick to get started

G2 reviewers say Checkr is easy to set up, too, so you can get started using it right away. A simple user interface makes learning and using the solution a breeze. G2 reviewers cited “clear, easy-to-read reports” as a major benefit of the product – Checkr’s dashboard puts all the data users need at their fingertips.

Checkr makes ordering background checks incredibly simple. All I do is login, select the package I would like to run, and then type in the candidate email addresses. Checkr then sends them all the required forms. Best part? Most checks return in 24 hours!
Claudia K.
HR Manager

G2 reviewers also appreciate Checkr’s automated assistance with constantly changing federal, state, and local employment laws affecting hiring. “Checkr makes sure that we are staying compliant,” says one reviewer, adding, “I can easily make fair decisions because Checkr only shows me the things that I have to consider and filters out the stuff I don't need to worry about.”

Checkr’s advanced data engine and compliance workflows, including our Assess and Adjudication tools, eliminate worry by showing you only data that is legally reportable and delivering records in an easy-to-understand format. Plus, Checkr’s online adverse action tools help you take the right actions at the right time by managing notifications and tracking mandatory waiting periods.

Checkr also ranked highly for alerts and notifications that keep the screening process moving, a robust mobile interface that enhances the candidate experience, and the ability to customize reporting to get the insights they need.

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A robust partner ecosystem and open API

Your background screening solution should play nicely with the other tools in your HR stack, and Checkr scores high here as well.

Checkr received a score of 93% on G2 for integrations, with many reviewers praising how smoothly the software fits into their existing systems. “I don't have to jump from platform to platform to find information,” one reviewer notes. Checkr integrates with 70+ popular ATS, HRIS and onboarding systems, and has an open API for easy custom integrations. That means users don’t have to modify their hiring processes or struggle with time-consuming workarounds.

Checkr integrates with our HRIS to seamlessly allow for the initiation of a background check allowing with onboarding, all within the same platform. Checkr offers several background screenings, with or without drug screening, and a stand-alone Motor Vehicle Record check. Results are produced quickly, and an email is sent to me once the results are ready for review.
Ric R
Head of HR

In fact, our customers like Checkr so much, they’d happily recommend it to others. Among the three competitors mentioned above, Checkr topped the list of solutions customers are  “likely to recommend,” in G2 with a score of 89%.

Background checks made easier with Checkr

These days, organizations large and small depend on background checks to help them make informed hiring decisions. Choosing the right background screening partner can make your company a more competitive employer. That’s why so many organizations depend on Checkr to deliver fast, accurate, compliant background screening results.

With an easy-to-use interface, automated workflows, and simple setup, Checkr makes employment background screenings easier, more effective, and more efficient for HR teams and job candidates alike. Get started with Checkr today.

Data is sourced from G2’s Grid Report for Background Checks | Fall 2022, and reviews were submitted to G2 by verified Checkr users.

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