Run as One: Hire Smarter with the Checkr and Bullhorn Partnership

March 03, 2020
Checkr Editor

Staffing firms across the industry are facing a perfect storm of pressures. It’s becoming imperative for firms to embrace efficiency and invest in new technologies that will advance their growth and differentiate them from their competition.

According to Bullhorn’s 2020 Global Recruitment Insights and Data study for example, 83% of recruiters say digital transformation could help their business, and 86% say businesses must embrace digital transformation to remain competitive.

Over the last decade, many staffing firms have been operationalizing their digital transformation strategies by investing in modern recruiting technology such as Bullhorn. Often, background checks were the bottleneck that held back these investments from being fully realized.

Today, Checkr is addressing these concerns with our partnership with Bullhorn. Together we’re not only redefining the background check process, but we’re also making it easier for our customers to achieve a wide range of critical business outcomes, including:

1. Speeding Up Time To Placement

Once a quality candidate has been identified, interviewed, and a decision to make a hiring offer has been confirmed, the clock is ticking. Candidates today have instant access to a paycheck, making every minute count. Staffing firms are not only competing with other staffing companies but every on-demand platform is now fighting for the same candidate’s time.

Here’s a worst-case scenario: A staffing firm invests hours—or perhaps days— in a candidate and they fall out of the funnel due to a delay in the process. Unfortunately, this scenario is often a reality. According to an SIA report, 38% of recruiters say they have lost a candidate due to a bad experience with the background check and 21% have because the background check took too long.

By integrating with Checkr, Bullhorn customers will be able to take advantage of a consumer-like experience built to enhance the Bullhorn experience. This includes the ability for recruiters to see a history of previous screenings along with real-time data, turning Bullhorn into the single source of truth.

2. Conquering Compliance Challenges

The demands of staffing are compounded when you consider the complexities of today's employment regulations. The gig economy has created sweeping disruption in global, national, and local employment laws. Checkr’s compliance engine is constantly being updated by our team of experts and attorneys to support what has become a moving target of compliance.

In staffing, legal compliance is only half of the risk. Contract compliance is just as important. Ensuring the proper screens have been done on accurate, up to date data is critical to protect your brand and client satisfaction. Checkr’s proprietary data feed addresses this by developing an accurate picture of your candidates. We reduce the risk of placing non-compliant candidates at high-security clients with strict contract terms.

Like Bullhorn, Checkr’s platform is built on a cloud-based architecture designed to scale during hiring peaks and is built to deliver compliance needs in a true SaaS-like release model that you’ve come to expect from modern technology providers.

3. Transparency and Self-Service Where It Counts

Checkr believes in the power of data. Screening data is only one piece of a much larger candidate picture. By giving greater situational awareness to recruiters, they can make faster decisions for your firm and clients. But the transparency doesn’t stop there. We’re leading the industry in exposing accurate data to the candidates reducing overhead on recruiters but also building a sense of trust and engagement never before seen in the screening industry.

Just as candidates’ expectations have changed, so have clients. Staffing firms are being forced to find new ways to differentiate themselves through people, process, and technology. Checkr addresses this by taking a much broader strategy than legacy screening providers.

The Bullhorn & Checkr integration brings this data directly to where your users work by utilizing our technology-first approach. Partner technology should work seamlessly to enhance your Bullhorn investment and that’s exactly what Checkr does. By taking a productized approach to the integration, ROI is captured on a release-by-release basis. As the Checkr platform evolves, so does your recruiter and candidate experience so that the question of “what's next” always has an answer.

Start your transformation journey with Checkr and Bullhorn today—visit to schedule a demo.

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