AETI® is a consultative technology company that develops innovative solutions to simplify insurance exposure management and cost allocation operations. 

How we partner with AETI

Plays a key role in recruitment

Our clients maintain records on hundreds of drivers through Quadra®, our software product for managing complex insurance programs. With this volume of motor vehicle records to assess, Checkr plays a vital role in supporting recruitment.

Start-to-finish support

Since integrating Checkr with Quadra®, our clients can create accounts, order checks on motor vehicle records, and track the status of multiple drivers with varying authorizations, all through a streamlined process.

Up and running

The AETI-Checkr strategic partnership leverages the strengths of both platforms to allow our clients to easily order background checks on drivers with little downtime.

"With the integration of Checkr into our product Quadra®, we can effectively provide our clients with a valuable tool for conducting background checks on the many drivers they hire. The onboarding process is streamlined and the system supports recruitment to meet a variety of transportation needs."
Stephen Malloy
 Chief Operations Officer, AETI®

Partner with Checkr

Are you an ATS, HR or Onboarding system, or other industry-specific solution? Let’s work together. We help companies like yours open new revenue channels and reach new customers with the only AI-led background screening platform.