Ceipal is a pathbreaking total talent acquisition platform that delivers unparalleled strategic insight into the comprehensive talent landscape. With AI-powered agility and expert human support, Ceipal is the guide that high-growth companies need to rapidly chart the all-important course to critical, quality talent.

How we partner with Ceipal

AI-Powered Recruitment Automation

CEIPAL offers unparalleled insight into the comprehensive talent landscape, with AI-powered agility and expert guidance to find the best talent in the marketplace.

Double Placements with Ongoing Innovation

CEIPAL equips recruiters with tools to double their number of placements using less time, for less money. Leveraging advanced analytics, CEIPAL delivers high-quality candidates straight into the recruiter’s dashboard.

Enroll. Engage. Empower.

Unleash the potential of your business by sourcing, shortlisting, and onboarding the best talent in the market with CEIPAL’s total talent acquisition platform (ATS + CRM + VMS).

“Once you use CEIPAL’s artificial intelligence, you won’t go back. It saves time and money while helping build better relationships. My team and I trust the AI completely,”
Stacey Edmond
Director of Recruiting at BTG (Business Technology Group)

Partner with Checkr

Are you an ATS, HR or Onboarding system, or other industry-specific solution? Let’s work together. We help companies like yours open new revenue channels and reach new customers with the only AI-led background screening platform.