2021 Gartner Cool Vendor for HCM, ClayHR is a hyper-configurable HCM Suite for the hire-to-retire lifecycle, including employee records, onboarding, PTO & attendance, performance management, and hiring automation.

How we partner with ClayHR

Automate Your Regulatory Compliance

Simplify your hiring process and ensure regulatory compliance with the integration of ClayHR and Checkr. Our seamless solution allows you to easily initiate and track background checks within your HR workflows, avoiding costly mistakes and reducing the risk of human error.

Secure and Reliable Hiring Processes

Say goodbye to negligent hiring and welcome a team of qualified and trustworthy professionals. Our reliable background-check program utilizes a comprehensive and thorough hiring process to help you make the best hiring decisions.

Avoid Misfits and Minimize Risk of Criminal Behavior

ClayHR customers already depend on the all-in-one, AI-driven solution for hiring the best talent. With Checkr’s background screening process, you can reduce the risk of criminal activities such as violence, abuse, and theft. You can also verify the information on an applicant’s resume or job application and assist your organization in deciding if an individual is the right person for the job.

“Our partnership with Checkr is a key part of our mission to help organizations find and hire top talent quickly and easily. By integrating Checkr's advanced background screening solution with AI-driven candidate search and nurture features from ClayHR, we are providing a seamless solution that streamlines the hiring process and ensures compliance for our customers.”
Chinki Dhiman
Associate Director, Technology

Partner with Checkr

Are you an ATS, HR or Onboarding system, or other industry-specific solution? Let’s work together. We help companies like yours open new revenue channels and reach new customers with the only AI-led background screening platform.