Drata is the world’s most advanced compliance automation platform that enables companies to streamline compliance, build a strong security posture, lower costs, and save substantial time preparing for annual audits.

Start running background checks today

How we partner with Drata

Put compliance on autopilot

Save hundreds of hours a year achieving and maintaining compliance with Drata’s automated evidence collection, continuous control monitoring, and powerful integrations across tech stacks.

Perform rapid background checks while staying audit-ready

Access Checkr from within the Drata platform and safely run fast and fair background checks within the larger framework of your company’s compliance posture.

Safely scale your company and compliance program

Stay compliant as you grow - safely onboard and offboard employees while maintaining continuous visibility into the compliance status of controls, people, devices, infrastructure, applications, vendors, and risk across the organization.

“Employee background checks are a crucial element of compliance across standards like SOC 2, ISO 27001, and PCI. Drata’s integration with Checkr ensures that our joint customers can streamline, secure, and track the hiring process.”
Kevin Kriebel
Drata’s VP of Partnerships

Partner with Checkr

Are you an ATS, HR or Onboarding system, or other industry-specific solution? Let’s work together. We help companies like yours open new revenue channels and reach new customers with the only AI-led background screening platform.