Pinpoint is the fast and flexible ATS that makes it easy for hiring teams to thrive when faced with change.

How We Partner with Pinpoint

Accelerate Your Hiring

Speed up the hiring process by easily ordering Checkr background checks without leaving the Pinpoint platform.

Fairer Hiring

Make more fair hiring decisions by using Pinpoint’s and Checkr’s fair hiring tools.

Streamline Your Process

Send background check requests to candidates and see results from within Pinpoint. Make a decision or easily switch to your Checkr account for further investigation if needed.

“We love Checkr. Background check integrations are a crucial part of our ATS offering and essential to our customers' hiring practices. We've chosen to partner with Checkr to support our customers better by giving them access to a reliable and efficient solution. We evaluated the options available in the market and have teamed up with Checkr as a result of a number of things - the team is great to work with, the product is fantastic, and it makes our customers happy.”
Tom Hacquoil
Co-Founder & CEO, Pinpoint

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