Seamlessly Integrated Background Checks and Identify Verification

Checkr Connect IDV seamlessly integrates an industry-leading background check process with the most advanced identity verification providers on the market. It makes the critical practice of fraud detection easier and more resource-efficient to help keep your company and your customers safer.

  • Easier identity fraud detection and prevention
  • Seamless, pre-configured integrations
  • Increased operational efficiency

How Connect IDV Brings Hiring to the Next Level

More Sophisticated Fraud Detection

Identity theft is growing more sophisticated. Traditional fraud detection is falling out of date. HR leaders need a better ID verification process to maintain trust and safety.

Smoother Hiring for Better Candidate Retention

A unified experience from once-disparate parts of the hiring process makes hiring quicker and easier for both companies and candidates, reducing candidate drop-off.

Easy, Pre-configured Integrations

Traditionally, IDV and background checks are cumbersome, distinct workflows prone to human error. Connect IDV unites them simply and seamlessly, saving both time and money.


Announcing Checkr Connect IDV: A Unified Identity Verification and Background Check Solution


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Continuous Check provides real-time updates about any new reportable charges related to both your current candidates and employees, keeping your company and customers safer.

Our screenings are powered by the most advanced technology in the industry to deliver you higher-quality data in less time. You can make smarter, safer hiring decisions more efficiently.

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