Continuous Check

Ensure your workforce meets your standard not once but every day.

The New Economy Needs a New Standard of Safety

Traditional Background Checks are One-Time Only

Traditional background checks take a single look into the past for records. The day after you run a check, it starts to lose relevance.

Your Active Workforce is Always Changing

In the new economy, people regularly start and stop working — sometimes with months in between. When you don’t see them every day, it’s hard to keep a pulse on your workforce.

New Data Sources Reduce Risk

Real-time data about your workers is now available. This data ensures safety and helps deliver the experience your customers expect.

Maximize Safety with the First Ongoing, Post-Hire Background Check

Mitigate Your Risk with Always-On Listening

Continuous Check starts running as soon as you bring each worker on board. Because we notify you of any reportable changes, you can minimize your risk and protect your brand.

Optimize Your Hiring and Find More People

Continuous Check helps you establish the right risk profile for your business. Knowing you have a constant view of your active workforce, you can update your initial hiring criteria with confidence.

Access the Right Blend of Data

Continuous Check is powered by six data sources: Arrest Record Feeds, National Criminal Data, Global Watchlist Data, Sex Offender Data, Electronic County Data, and Checkr’s real-time data.

Benefit from Checkr’s Millions of Background Checks a Year

Checkr’s proprietary data is developed through the millions of background checks we run each year. If new information on your candidate is found in another check, we will run that same search for you.