Is Your Background Check Provider Right For You? 3 Areas to Assess

Lauren Woodyard
December 20, 2023
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The right background check partner can help you speed and streamline your screening process. However, not all background check solutions provide the functionality you need to easily manage and scale your background check process.

Use this guide to determine whether your background check provider offers the platform capabilities, turnaround times, and screening options to make your background check program successful.

1. Features and functionality

Features and functionality are the true differentiators between one background check solution and another. It’s important to evaluate which features will increase your team’s efficiency and productivity, speed the background check workflow, and automate processes so you can screen and onboard candidates faster.

Use this list to determine whether your provider offers these valuable features:

    • ATS and HRIS platform integrations: Reduce manual workflows, automate steps, and speed your screening process by adding a background check solution to your current ATS or HRIS platform.

    • Background check API: Support a strong brand experience, while improving efficiency and managing compliance while making it easy to order screenings and view results.

    • Robust customer portal: Get increased visibility into report progress, estimated delivery times, and status alerts for all of your background checks by logging in to a customer dashboard.

    • Bulk ordering capability: Save time and scale your hiring process by requesting screens for multiple candidates and large groups at once to quickly kick off the screening process.

    • Mobile-optimized candidate experience: An easy-to-use, mobile-optimized workflow allows candidates to login, provide consent, and view results on their smart-phone, which reduces delays and speeds turnaround times for you.

    • Candidate comments: Make it easier to conduct individualized assessments with a provider that offers a built-in step that enables candidates to add context about their results directly to their background check.

    • Adjudication support: Filter records from candidate reports that aren’t relevant to the role and easily initiate the adverse action process when necessary.

    • Multiple location support: Centralize billing for background checks while supporting screening workflows across multiple office locations; capabilities should include organization-wide and local office administrators with user access.

    • Report capabilities: Get more insight into your screening program’s analytics like volume, candidate conversion, and fairness with detailed graphs and reports.

    • Ongoing alerts: Get notified of changes to your workers’ records with real-time alerts for select screenings to minimize risk and protect your brand.

2. Efficient turnaround times

Longer than necessary turnaround times can result in delayed hiring, leaving positions unfilled which affects your bottom line. Worse, slow background checks create bottlenecks which can cause you to lose your candidate to a competitor.

Find out what your provider’s average turnaround times are for these common background screens:

Common background screeningTarget turnaround time
National criminal database searchSame day
Sex offender registry searchSame day
Domestic watch list search Same day
County criminal records search1 business day
Motor vehicle records search2 business days
Education verification2 business days
Employment verification3 business days
Drug testing3 business days

Checkr leads the industry with some of the fastest background check turnaround times because of our real-time, proprietary data network and extensive partnerships with court runners. In fact, 89% of all criminal checks–including county searches–complete within one hour and 89% of customers say our turnaround time is faster than their previous background check provider. 

3. Comprehensive screenings

Running the right checks for your company’s industry, locations, and job types will help you make the most informed hiring decisions. At the same time, running the wrong checks can leave you exposed to risk. 

Your background check provider should offer a wide range of screenings, with transparency pricing and options for customized screening packages to meet your unique business needs.

National criminal database checkEmployment credit report
State criminal records check Federal bankruptcy check
County criminal court check (7-Year)Education verification
Federal criminal records checkEmployment verification
Civil searchesProfessional reference checks
Domestic terrorist watch listProfessional license verification
Sex offender registryHealthcare sanctions
Driving record (MVR) checkOccupational health screenings
Drug testing: 4-, 5-, 10-panelGlobal watchlist search
Continuous checks (criminal, MVR, etc.)International background checks

Partner with Checkr for fast, smooth, and safe background checks

Checkr makes employment screening more efficient so you can easily scale your hiring. Our modern background check platform helps you reduce time, human error, and bias with robust features, fast turnaround times, and numerous screenings to meet your business needs. Our fast, accurate, and comprehensive background checks give you the competitive edge to fill open roles quickly and confidently.

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